Coaches That Yell

Tuesday, June 5th


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Good morning how do you feel about coaches yell Christina. I'm mom and had. A good thing I think they're great and your. Own. Unplanned and I have all these little Opie aunt and all but. Nobody knew where you're. At it and it but your all of them down and and I don't think that pop up in well. When somebody. On the field or on the court does something wrong and they're yells at do you agree with fat plant specific players singled out. I'll. Any company that. Particular light here and any of it I think it should be between the cold air after the game perhaps I'm off the art. I would not. You know everything that it. Yeah see that's not the public humiliation part of it. Is something that I've never liked me obviously it's a play that's lost a game where they've been able to score on the team because of the plane that came up before that. I think the player already feels bad enough. So that it's pointed out in front of you know how many ever people are there even if it's. It I am embarrassed that my. Yeah so thank you for calling in this world of competitive sport 644985. Out. As we all are standing on the sidelines watching our kids compete. Is it okay for coaches to yell 64 floor. 950 shun. I don't. Worry girl good how do you feel about coaches they yell shown. I questioned repeatedly coached motivating as well you know it people being sent argued deeper these. The fire at the same type or. Just try to be positive and quite well. 81. Boy to get his head. Blank blank blank out of something around the summit like our. Mo won't show would you. Know. In front of everybody I need but have you have you played sports before. I I've played out travel hockey and not a bicycle across our. Got a coach if you had a he had somebody that falls into that well. Wow that's just mean category. I have not yet not I think. All you talk like. When they are motivating but also announced earnings. Some of the players as well. Yes I like stern and strict I don't like parading that seems to bother me a little thing. Or would you be apparent that would say something to the coach if your child was going through with the Strauss going through. You know I don't think I would be honest review just because of the backlash surprised at my bite. In some way. I'd be afraid that. Yeah I kind of agree salary that's probably the case with a lot of people kind of what do you think about coaches don't yell. I'm actually I'd let the ball short and like that out. And I were a lot like that the incessant bill without a lot but don't let god. So it's you screwed up apply anchor leg really. You know gave it to you. Would you be OK with being embarrassed in front of everybody used to that helps you as an athlete. No and operating net. It is they dot. Maybe ought to feel different. Can't ponson right sir Colin Kathryn your does not get what five coaches that yell how do you feel. I hate it and I made up our land here at and and that culture is. They get treated better right. Oh crap. Eight how worrying and you have to credit at Burke parting. Didn't. Jack is now a little power. Leak. And eat eat in the picture all the culture and our girl. They get it acting. Out all of the at about all the teams that I like yeah I actually some of the yet they checked the court I barring any in here. The ad that is that sounds like that's a little bit overboard on the coach's part how was taken. When you said something to the coach. The concept act like you are but they're here and it looked to. America the very end. But little by little. And evidently without that. I don't care that my daughter and I. It or they. Yeah I totally agree with that I mean we're in this situation that I have here it's high school baseball travel. Which is super competitive but I wish recruit to about 1011 year old are you kidding me again makes me man I would yell with you. Yeah. I don't get that coach may be wants to toughen up the kids because now. At some point if you're too soft with them that living in the counts as the thirty out of suburban kids from that part but there's a where it's like when messages being mean and might mean me so I think parents keep your eye and if it does feel on probably more you know the key to the European Union could yeah yeah. And keep an eye and the guys I know that I know I know that to talk to the coach but. Which. Yet as the coach a group of what you'd like. With me as we've talked. Politics right oh yeah that last part. Aren't yet Beck is partly free and you know it from. Because you're gonna have people like that you know that's the other side of sometimes there are just need people election rate publicly him. Is this the time to get that life lesson it's gonna happen. Yeah I can't let it. Like lesson is so typical it's brutal it is brutal. Well good I'll appoint some critical things captain. Superman has to Amanda what do you think about coaches that L. I. The. At court and not let that be well. And I don't know how people read it yet but is she at that I don't. That he. Eat Mac and it ended up happening right now it. And I am the only thing here though. Yeah yeah. Clint. Thank you. You. Know I'd say I'm political way. Out. So that they that he and pretty funny that article that I mean. I needed and he didn't and I can't let it. I. Hit eight year old Eric. I. You. Know there are employed at a public and what you had heard. That. I like that. And I love the economy and always love when you Colin. Lauren your kiss 98 point five coaches they yell what do you think. I think it depends on the age in the pit you and I think that the code and figure out there on it but I am I reading and and really kind of and it and it yelling hey I like. Her about that. It should I have another kid on the well I don't think anybody is not that way out the query that worked great that you should get that can't be told they're getting them. I. I. They are all. About it I don't know better than it really depends on it. Yeah I think it's up to the coach to read the kid and and and you're right you don't wanna coddled them you don't wanna beat them the whole time they need a little. A tough lover tough coaching but when it gets to that you're just mean you're angry at somebody else and to out on the kid. I think it's up to the parents to recognize Whitman being hard on. Anybody's guess whether your are not your obviously gonna be more sensitive your humble when you're coached stepping over whatever that line is I think you do need to say something. Whether some. Or the AD. I think you agencies. No. I won. Add a lot like I'll write an update but it didn't quite get that don't match up. That they that they hit you yet you don't get comfortable even. At. I knew that it hit it on the act I mean I. Don't think I hit. I welcome to make sure that they're. Currently being. I really sidelined. It definitely isn't couple couple things I want to take with my conversation with you learn first when you said get your act together you almost had it in the way each year would go yeah yeah. And make up air act. Like that about you I also wanna give you participation trophy just in case you feel like. Didn't put I agree it is it's such a fine line. And I think sometimes for parents that are yelling. Maybe just listen to yourself for a second listen to let the level that everybody else around you was cheering and maybe just check out maybe ship and. Now. Across football. If there's always that one and parents that might be louder than the Verizon again. You. May. Look I got the gold last night and day. Thought I would celebration is I go with Cherie yeah I do with like cheering and muscular defense that. But when. One particular child is being embarrassed on the field that done by now that's. Now or just yeah it's there's still formative years so I'll probably he's. The keywords travel so that type schooling public school. Now gets that but you know. What team it. Screening at. School games go it's part. To better viewpoint. Because it's just. Again it's not you know. I don't Holler there the average unit travel lacrosse player as it out over high school football game. At a coaches who operate. The guys. I was yelling. It's exactly that rating part of its star and risked and it. Maybe it's because you know I don't know. I haven't seen I've seen yelling used to yelling it's. However I recently he was just at a game. And I have to discreetly. I. But let me. We don't they don't get to the next level of professional sports and some coaches who worked so. Why didn't the guy speak. They're gone as it did work but so I think coach needs to have the strength in the and what. Run well sometimes you need to have risen mastered art of image you're Eric what do you think about coaches that you now. Depends on the sources and from happily and still all. So coach is very. Uncle also disciplined. At the sent out at the age at. And also how he threw it at some kids take that yelling they're acceptable. Some huge yell just well aren't all so I don't athletes were recurring. Apartments and a lot of arm torn apart this or that. Some are accept the either that either go to our record is and understand what happened or. Go to them and restore all the consummate coach and it depends on the player. I really like you I hope you're coaching our kids in Western New York are you. Like duke coach Al slightly yeah it's been a source also sort soccer. And I'm very at all like the sports I coach them all aren't. The sort which awoken and so. I'm gonna freeze you do good also. You know court of law. I feel like swimming and yell at them because they're in the water half time. On all its ancestors thought well I didn't. They insert they're towards us or which are fertile territory to court bewildered or off. We are you quote. Air green from originally in the next. Art and culture. I'll certain sports are big. All you soccer and this portrait. And I still remember Michael corporate sort that don't let it be at stake but they're also there as active or else. The report. Yeah if you run into situations where you see a coach or you find yourself may be going too far crossing whatever line that is how to handle that. It's open field so what you do after the game. And you know technical shall put all of our search earlier yeah that you used in soccer players and reducing here. Not in a project than ever seen because. They're going up yeah and that's how they wanted to Sunday Albert and your coach. So to excrete out coach will all go so so quarter. And your actions that the parents and also coach expect it to my other on the field goal. And every day or you're confident. But this thing has just also epic but in the third debate you know I'm not react to a situation where. In my heart certainly know that worker that I get our first order. Where in the city. The capital situation. And I'm a person. That the public scene after the stand or walk in until and the coaches haven't equality for help. And yell you're not the party of the matter is that I want to ultimately it all which are not they're embarrassed. Like I am glad yeah yeah I'm glad you called Eric thank you so much. Great perspectives on whether coaches should Gallup their athletes or not. I mean this is Amanda I'm candy get the final word on kiss 98 point five about coaches that yell what do you think. I'm looking at any Al I. Eat it like. Might add they say man you or your. Company screening collecting it and I'll aren't all. Bad. I'm. Now EL. Light. Eric Barack hot. Pink. Or. Not. It he'll be. Out. I you ever gonna let coach yelling your kids. Aaron yeah. You act. You act I. Sometimes you don't coach to handle a situation where your kid is messing up for doing the wrong thing or whatever how would you want like do you want that same I'm loud. You know the praised you want that the same tone as the you're doing wrong like how do you want that Leon. Looking at it now I am happy that you know it back. And okay I'm an. They are riding around. Them. I'm Alan you know that might feel I'm out a heated back and it. I. I think that's good Adobe Adobe. Jacked up with some sort to network I appreciate. All of this works man except the part is your kids get older you won't be able to pick the coach is all the time. And that's that's where the fork in the road comes in and you have to decide is this person going to be a positive influence or negative influence in my child's life and sometimes in my experience. I have head coaches that I really thought we're going to be. A bad influence and turned out to be tough love turned into amazing experience and really developed. The child as an act tough he asks very hard to you know effective in winning can just get him. Yeah like hold up. I don't know and finally passed so that could talk and coaches that yet.