Buffalo Sabre Rasmus Dahlin

Tuesday, June 26th


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Rasmus d'alene what buffalo they disown once publicists. It's awesome. Lab who waited for this for so long so it's it's it's amazing. What was it like to hear your name I mean I know you expected it probably in some way shape or form but to actually haven't happened what was it like. Have like two million thoughts in mind mind so. Tested Eminem though that was. It's amazing. People talk about how young you are because at this level to be playing as good as you'd do does that seem odd for you or is that just what you do who you are. Do designed to it to save a game the best as and so and it's gone pretty good so far so. I need to work hard to get to to get to Miami to my it's my duties says so. Second Swedish player to be taken at number one you know with the other one is correct. Mamet's and he meant sending do you wanna talk trash right now and Billick I am so much better than met somebody. If you wanna wait till you've played a few years and then be like I told you I'd be better than met Sunday in. And you seizes the legend is sweet and so I'm not doing that. Now did you see us. This before you got drafted isn't as cool oh I saved it for you on campus agreed isn't. The great picture this is from the Buffalo News and this was on Thursday the day before you got drafted. And it says hello d'alene August awesome this critical it's I'm gonna give you that that's my effort to how many Buffalo Sabres Epstein have so far and let me. Which is your favorite. The the act. What did you do after you got drafted because a lot of divorcing after that after it was kind of a quote unquote boring draft night because no exciting trades or anything like that happened so. The price free to go in a lot to dinner and celebrate maybe. Yeah. That was a great night sessions. The we were outs and on the Dino enough time in an had a lot of fun. Who has been growing up your biggest influence in playing hockey who was then that person you always talk about your game went. And how you're playing. Peter forced presage hand but he says forward and so are forward when I was younger so. I used to look Q and him. Lou you're gonna both sides of the puck which is unusual. You you're very good both sides and you must get that from Forsberg put. Is there a player that you idolize growing up wasn't a forward or defenseman. Probably towards. I love to see how days. Can hand the puck so momentous. Scoring is definitely tennis also. But of course and now the tremor. Your first taste of buffalo was world juniors I'm assuming for time in town to come and experience. It was super cold that week. It's not always that cold I promise you to be nice and hot this week now its its coldest winters some country get good yes series Euro came with a cold weather now of course that's cool have you talked to any of the current Buffalo Sabres since you got drafted. Actually Jack Geico on a domestic those. What eighty savient. Like. Welcome to lost the sabres in now that's kind of soft. Lou and kicked K commentary Google welcomes you to they were so excited they said they had the best seats in the house of the draft what is your relationship and with them like. Gathered there awesome. So how food and there agrees to onus. And supersize it plays them. As a young hockey player. Do you have superstitions yet have you developed certain things you do before the gamer after the game the you have to do every time. Actually tried to stay aways in Memphis do you attend the you can be stress about them saw him on trying to stay away. But at of course have a few. Can determine. Has to sit on the. I'm Liam mine and mile bull and. Stayed some massacres. Left side first I left or right handed. Probably both lines right we. And rise. And then throw in the us says that we're afterward you're wearing your English is good who taught you English was that to something at school or your schooling has to be little different obviously concern in the hockey world yeah we were learning this is Google is we have so. And work. Off the top of your head what are your favorite things about buffalo so far Rasmussen tallying the number one draft pick of the Buffalo Sabres. So far. The buffalo it was long problem as recently as yet have you had Tim Hortons doughnuts yet because that's right outside keybank center acts. Breakfast there's today did you yeah. I mean today. And donuts right so what's your breakfast Angus. Yeah aids in the past we don't use seat as we and so when we began multi what's a regular Swedish breakfast. These older. And sandwiches. The very much the sweetest thing and then you can this creme eggs in them. Wrestling style lean with us in studio right now on his 98 point five so as buffalo gets to know you if you weren't a superstar hockey player. What else you good. It's towards a Vietnam sports guys so. To you know play golf than. A sweet and we o.s place doctors in. So we'll watch been of this sport is following World Cup yet the attempt don't talk. You know all caught up in India won't. Anonymous the west like it sickens all Nadal. Already painful us well. What are we gonna say about that we anything get to the dance the United States sitting in make it this year because your golf game. Bad. There's a lot of good golf courses you can now I love that a lot of hockey players actually go to golf ran known and that's why it's Amber's. That's OK but a lot of times they do you play soccer. And do like they kick around what do they call them before the soccer games. I or hockey games I mean I had act. To touch yes. Which thank you for coming up widget just to get warmed up because that helps doesn't. What surprised you most when you came to buffalo this time of year because when you are here for that. We'll juniors it was so cold he really couldn't get an idea outside but is there water beautiful. Now it's awesome moment there's thousands who do you vote. That's fun to write then yeah what went right up right outside and get jungle and I'm so when do you move permanently to buffalo. Lucy. You know just I think the moon that's exciting let me they are told you who you're going to be hanging out withdrew they put you with a player law that's society. Are your age and went from his elegant color live here. My momma so again and come with me until I guess comfortable and knowing they seem to think that we can you are Lucy. Let's help me out here I don't speak much I don't think my Swedish but I was told one word and I was dancing and someone via through. What does that mean stop on that doesn't mean you're dancing. Parties. Probably bad dancer and thank you yeah. That's awesome neck. Test. That's amazing what we want to welcome you to buffalo thank you so much for being here today I'll ever have we picked a number. Nall take but I. Take you get what you get. Do you have what was number that you played in the juniors. All YA just got enormous on the number eight phone 'cause I'm. Or whatever number it is Robin and buy your Jersey so. You know it doesn't matter. On his sister's old as regulations thank you so much so exciting to have you here in buffalo and everybody's like you know hope and that this is gonna put all the pieces together for the organization so it's really exciting. Is it that you get nice talked to have fun today into time and buffalo.