Buffalo Bills Traffic Info

Thursday, August 9th


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Happening I know that the sheriffs are announcing game day stadium traffic patterns. What we need to know for everybody going to the pre season game tonight. Well we've been saying is that this is not the first time we've had a pre season game during the fair however. There's a concert at the fares what happened downtown. And and we've got construction that are shutting down its ways in some directions leave. And we got major through a construction rate at 400 overpass. That is even and it stays busy. Is hassle it's like the perfect storm. Yeah fourth and nine yet and people revenues and and that's what we have to it's it's a perfect storm there's a lot going on. And also there's people go to pre season games. There's never been there. Free tickets they're gonna kids hey let's go do this movie's out and we want people to be aware of the come from Canon falls lock pork. Wherever from the north towns want them to know that they should have. Planned route out absolutely no alternatives in case something else happens in legal battle little bit earlier because traffic and construction. When a little bit earlier what are you advising. What would be a perfect time for. You know for an early leave to to maybe leave some room in case problem. While round here we seek we seek out rush hour traffic starts at 330 yeah so on. Let's open up at three today the stadium parking lot to open the three you're on the road by 230 year going to be pretty good I'd you know barring any other accident. Suspect the sheriff's office anticipates closing a section of Abbott road between the entrance to a lot for which usually happens it always right that's right yeah I new era store that's in north end of the closure. Lot choose south end of the closure 2 PM. All through traffic is going to be diverted at times about 2 PM traffic's going to be diverted. Yeah evidence. The county highway department will be sent out some barriers and cones and depending on volume and everything else. Pedestrian traffic. On no later than 3 o'clock that area will be definitely shut down. And it's sort through traffic now those who acts as private lots and lots for you can still get to those who needs just. Basically directly from the stadium that you will not be able axis. Fans code of conduct is also going to be strictly enforced said don't bring our tables. Yeah you know that that's obviously hopping now on. And it's. As a mom can try to save. Thinking. Yeah from her perspective Scott what are the rules if someone decides maybe with like the body on a table the rules. Well that is side beyond being discouraged there. Our rules now and in fact we had an uptick in arrests last year because we had to add extra patrols and some of lots yeah. On the stadium watch because some behavior. And this could be reckless. This disorderly conduct shore and really we are dreading. The day that somebody's gonna in Syria sewn it really is I'm more it's just a matter of time unfortunately we don't wish it but we have to anticipate that. And that's your spine and what I was gonna bring looking at it now. I'm on a happier note following the game route twenty a big tree road is going to be closed two westbound traffic. From Abbott wrote to route to nineteen the overpass all vehicles leaving the stadium. And private lots along route twenty must leave east that's the way it always is but it's and that's a good feeder router because that gets the traffic them. Yeah it really is if we got people trying to cross lanes of traffic it's backs up the parking lots backs up traffic. We've been doing this for several years now. We get we get those private lots we get that steam lot we get it out and cleared about an hour we try to do our basket clearer and that seems we're past us. Any advice for somebody who's not going to the game of going to the retirees there. Again familiar route Steve he can find different ways. Around the stadium media back way cool little bit farther south than in common. That way. That's. That's the best ways is really route look at Google Maps everyone has that and even near. If you Armon says school this way you might wanna look somewhere else how how are the Erie county sheriff's feeling about the Buffalo Bills team this year. Well were always fixated on and I fell. Always excited about the hometown team. And you know it always comes down to a quarterback and they've got some they've got three guys are competing. They've got young rookies now rockets or an arm and you know always brings hope. I would be fighting to be one of the officers it gets to be on the horse on the field. But that would be like the best position ever. While the arsenal on the field but and don't non war on. Yeah you know it. Last year. We had special occasions were down but it's on normal post fourth highest feeling about the JC beyoncé concert next week. Are we getting through the scheme and a prayer for one thing at a time were galleries earning the plan for that I loved the buffalo until for a concert so. A 100% so did you tell the best music you guessed it. Sarah that's like just saying. There you go and you know. Put outs and again because. That's a new type of guests this champion it's not much new with the traffic think you've given us some information for tonight's game because in between affair. And the game and the construction it's going to be a little bit of mishmash. Concert is gonna be letting up around the same time that the game let's cut and that's gonna be bad so not just get into the game but getting home move Friday is going to be an option for a lot of people want to be late night you'll be stuck in traffic. Use patience if you drive and out there don't be crazy people Leo and our public information officer stats or look at from the sheriff's office thanks be to thank you appreciate.