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Friday, October 6th


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Time for the Buffalo Bills report and on the phone right now linebacker Preston brown how Ariel under very. Here while congratulations on such an amazing season so far thank you a happy. Yes I don't think they're going pretty well so. A lot of what you can these ones. Good please do through four weeks the bills only NFL's number one scoring defense thirteen point five points per game. Do you guys have a pizza party for that kind of statistical what do you do with that. Are you know you try to get a better try to get there was down so. At least once we can afford basically the person. As we move into the next game in the bills are getting ready to play the angles this weekend you're getting ready to play the angles. What are you looking for in terms of the type of game you need to play to win this game. Are we got to play all fourteen game of golf YouTube posting you got to work together when the QB position battles. An Arab by the brother do the job we shifted our. How do you stay hungry and stay humble at this point when the team is doing well and you recognize that the accolades come but it's still early in the season how do you stay hungry and humble. Are you a computer clubs I played better than me what you thought at all the data about going to be the whole year so. We still got to go out there who also he and we can we like it in opposition well. We know I would not respected around the league and we don't really care where our third George W Cuban immigrants. This the homecoming of sorts for you right yes. In a lot of people go into the game this weekend. Are you like sixty people on the. So yeah sixty people are you split the bill now they don't know our muscles and tell anyone. There's a very sharp or do domino. Yeah. There be a Preston brown tailgate party that maybe he'll go and say hi to everybody after the game. All the air outside of the very people who Rupert try to get harder to go to kick pictures show cannot hate you and I'll let after the game. Now but you're you look so good in pictures Preston I think you gotta do it. Our got a good angle where the blood they get a grown tired and I don't feel they put it don't like it's. See now my side I like my right side which side is your side Preston brown of the Buffalo Bills. Our Marleau. Side kind of I think does the bit to get a capitulation. You know there's been a lot of controversy. Are people liking Tyrod Taylor's fashion sense are they liking Shea eighty's fashion sense where do you stand. And who's got better fashion sense. I'll my wife apparently you didn't. There's certain men in the league so I got to go to our our. When you look at how the bills have come so far this season. What makes you the most proud in terms of your own play. You've got to trying to get every party involved this year but on the same page are just find a way to keep leaving we guard Daryn. They're doing a great job this sort of joblessness so I think about it over. What do you think of the color rush that they're doing on Thursday night football do you like it as a football player. Although I think it okay I'm satellite. So the where random and especially cool things drugs for some blue up there were a little weird look at bird. I think we are regular cool idea of try to bring promotion to again so I guess is our. Tell you guys look at so you play the Bengals this weekend and then you've got the bye week. At the bye week comes too soon for you guys is it too soon resist a good spot for you. Regardless of news here you're developments are you can actually Google saw virtually flat. You wanna say anything to the twelfth man to your fans the Preston brown fans in my firm. I'm just excited for everybody guarded each and every game. No matter where we are led Cincinnati they're always there to out well. Preston brown of Buffalo Bills have a good game get a said W. Aren't very good things present.