Buffalo Bills Report With Patrick Dimarco

Friday, October 20th


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We welcome to the show pat DiMarco of the Buffalo Bills the morning. Good morning thanks for me you. I am good a little chilly this morning and I'm a different yesterday but I'm. Feel about the temperatures that we're seeing in western new York and and we are you proud came to buffalo. You're probably gonna it's gonna be really cold in here you've been playing in some real hot heat. Yeah these of these teams have had really wanted to put Denver particulars in the upper eighties agendas that are record here. You know since I'm used to it you know being from the southeast compliance copies so long but I definitely not expecting to have many hot games appear box. I know it's been crazy. I love it very sad how we feel about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as we can this is a big game for the bills. This is definitely a big game it's game two in the armory familiar were outplayed them two times a year the last four years so like these guys a lot around. I'm excited to you know there have been some good players but. We're going toppled by a weekend. We're really fired up ready to get this thing gone. That's interesting when you say you've played this team before when rosters change so much. Willis team regardless of the players have the same feel when you play them as they're kind of mindset teen by teen vs player by player. Com there there's scheme by scheme with teams. And they might treat this seems just a little bit but. You know the district and the sticker to root for. They're known for project the bow so that's. Those are things we've really focused on. This week Israeli locking up the ball protect the ball don't get ready take toys away and also additional and a lot of teams speed so narrow. You know take different angles here and there and I think they're gonna players produce a more. To the way out played in Atlanta with the run game minute and I'm just trying to stop shady so. On the Specter are pretty similar game plan now. So you're Shays lead blocker do you guys have a good relationship. Gesture he's the man it is. So my first week here when he came approach CA is I remember I saw my response cocktail party or I go to man. Japan didn't think anything of it seems like. What human fullback right. Any general behavior like a big old family it resolved. It was really fun it would continue to develop our relationship we have had although running back sort of the house are gonna give barbecues in the house just. You know hang and hang in the yet are outside the facility outside of all. It's key to developing relationships some really to developing like a winning culture which restrict arms to America. Do you find that no matter what you're always walking in front of shady. Yes Judy is not fast walker in the world. So walking if front of a lot easier than running him. It is pretty darn fast running around. You worry you know arts. What were developed Mets field that structure we kind of are starting to know where each other going to be in certain situations certain plays. Which issued trust moving forward. It's gotta be tough the better he gets the harder your job is gives everybody wants peace shady right. Yes we're definitely. We've we've seen that so far this year or didn't. We're gonna make 89 guys in the box and run game early early on sorts. It's tough sledding at times but you know shady shady things him. And breaks tackles and makes people look foolish so. He's he's definitely a special court blocked four. I love that and how is it playing in buffalo with our fans aren't insane crazy fun. Of Martin sprinted back so like my college days of play embark South Carolina on. You know today when I leave the facility at 3 or 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Or resort to be slowed and you know get a Girardi via our party. And it's out just how while they are getting it out loud it is its arm. Shepherd Purdue backed by SEC cost is. I love that and you talk about that you guys have been doing barbecues who's got the best barbecue bit. Barbecue game on the team. And I opened myself up against just about anybody I'm grow. Yeah I'm a big statement. That's a big statement you make it right now. And and I don't know but I don't put my mouth but I've heard that Leonard Johnson RR one of our quarterbacks. She's not as much growth person but he is like and what are part of the ship first by a ball also. I don't know quite into the kitchen stuff but I can do to gross stuff so you charcoal gas propane Iron Man. I have a big renege back home. Yeah. Here it here I have we have a gap proprietary. They think they eking out you know there right. Yeah now we're ramping our home here and it's just. Or separate regardless of who we just what we get through just the profane. But what I get home I'll do ribs then and work but our stuff. I like that pat DiMarco the Buffalo Bills on the phone with us I'm glad you brought up. About shopping for things and things that are expensive as you've got a beautiful wife. And I found something she might want from the nieman Marcus Christmas book a perfect. XSX. Yet I see that they've got this isn't hers Rolls Royce cars. 884000. Does that sound enticing at all. Maybe in like march for life. I don't I don't they get missile and we. You know we're not super flashy lead lieutenant Michael we have we're down or very very homely people so. You know I don't envision cure some are high riding in the Rolls Royce at times. It's kind of like may change your life when asked about it and I think cures and would like this issue election campaign. Good there's champagne making trip to France just I'm fifty dollars a month pat she's worth it. Only hundred bark 150 murder her 400000. That I yeah. I'm not I do yes Larry it. Just there's just a couple gives you might wanna. Maybe you'll give back catalog to shady yeah had a great game Patrick if he needs to get something to you why just my idea has that. I. I have had a exhibits of the season no joke I said every week what's gonna happen in the bills' game and then within like three points of predicting your wins and losses and I've done a good job. This week I just want you to know I think she eighties gonna score two touchdowns this week. I believe so to integrate into practice so. I'm excited to watch blood analyses. He's ready to go yes that is definitely going to be like that. He'll do a slight problem I'm glad you could get. Rain at times. What do you wanna say to the Buffalo Bills fans as we get ready for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Showed up front and they do loud. Wear your red light blue and let's bring home a victory. Pat DiMarco the Buffalo Bills on Q study point five hot and you hope we get to talk to you again. Of course a term.