Buffalo Bills Report With Pat Dimarco

Friday, January 5th


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Buffalo is beside themselves it doesn't matter what temperature it is we're going to the playoffs this weekend. It's the wild card playoffs we've got pat DiMarco of the Buffalo Bills on the phone the more pat. You're Smart are you don't really get event. I am good arms tried at this picked are particularly in the organization and change. I looked it up your hometown is 133. Miles from Jacksonville. I'm imagining there's going to be a lot of people that you know what this game. That is correct that they got to give somewhere around forty tickets shall. And I have much more family or friend to go and so are my I don't excited to go drummer played a playoff game but it strategy Camarillo. When we looking at who's got the most playoff experience on the Buffalo Bills all fingers point to you. Have you been kind of a source of here's what it's going to be like this is a marathon not a sprint. Have you been able to give your side of it. He's been married got mad he's. You know our deep in the certain holes well also he has sort of exterior view of the order enlighten us lightly and guys early on a week but I'm Denmark or shared document guy saying you know. Coach right on trust the process go about the leak like a normal week. And then you know also and had a scope for the same volume report brawl. Some people are calling it the Maroney mole or the Darius dual are you guys calling it anything inside the locker room. I don't know I hadn't heard any of that stuff you know choose you know sits just a big game but we've got a lot of big games here buffalo you know last week was our. It's a must win a group reported its ordered all so. Were challenged. They say got to put blinders on some time to ignore all the noise. How do you stay away from all the distractions. In regular life whether. How do you stay focused pat. You know actually one thing I didn't want my New Year's resolution blows to get off of social media so I don't deleted if you the app my arm. Not disrupt critical but I did beat you know what I'm culminated home what my wife son and a couple of cats are kind of erase social media for me it. Ultimate goal here and around it judge go about the bears in Quebec. That's brave bold move stronger than some people I know the kid a pet I feel like you said that I took in need to go to in mr. Graham and Twitter so I tell you what's happening at Levy need to build and run anything you know. I you know I give it up the locker room lot of God's Shoney's up it's Matt so. It's I don't forget mr. modular. Who's the best curator of social media in the room it was the best stuff on their phone. You don't bear. Eric looked pretty good you don't ominous start seeds to have all the news that caught up. So there were kids up to date but. You know there's this commitment to Colombia on alert about social media. I've noticed the guys. Really what narrower here about war in and when they go about what they go about this desolate bill. When you look at going into the playoffs and an heading to Jacksonville you guys doing anything differently in terms of getting to Jacksonville earlier anything like tap. Now you know word document almost real summer last week or put out of Miami. We'll find them there on Saturday. You know we bad day ejection weekly had last week practice schedule. Our meeting schedule everything I've been. Exactly the same so well we get down matter we're going to be prep right we've done this. Sixteen are thirty this year so. We should be peak and ready to go. On the phone with pat DiMarco the Buffalo Bills how cool was a walk and off the plane on Sunday. And seeing all those fans. Always thought all I know is one of the coach spirits up bad. 800 not a matter armory people are aware. It was negative eight degrees outside I think electric park below with the wind chill in the B dollars people under Virginia Lou I don't know why aren't. Just decked out you don't scream and make him. As much or is it can't celebrating it just goes for what could community what this organization. What this city is really all about but they pick so much pride not to and that's why we're open to bring home a win for the straight. I no you're gonna bring home went personal goals for this game on Sunday for you pat DiMarco the Buffalo Bills. Aren't you know to move on you know another way and another chance another opportunity to keep going on in. You know make it around this thing. I'm all of the teams in the NFL. There's a couple that I really want you guys to be this happens to be one of them with a hole. Back story on who's on the team and everything like that but I hope you feel the love from the twelfth man in buffalo the bills mafia. And that you guys take that we did down to Jacksonville I know a lot of people are gone but now there's a lot of people here that are are going to be by their television screaming their lungs out for sure. Oh I know that's for sure this is probably the best ambition or play torso it. It's incredible how loud and proud they are end just traditionally this the organization bring you know. Not only got to Jacksonville will be loud it's great and when we need to restrain both appear to hook people watching me you know this celebration and have a blast. And what do you wanna say to the twelfth man of the Buffalo Bills as you reflect on. This season and going into the wild card playoffs. I'll just thank you to the TP support for showing up. Again in game out. Are you know whatever route you guys have been very yes it. You know I've I've been a part of this being you know brutal wherever your weekly drop down sides so. It gets better are the little red light blue and got their support bush played today. Have a great game on Sunday you know we'll all be watching good luck go bills. Thank you so much it is pat DiMarco the Buffalo Bills signed kiss 98 point five.