Buffalo Bills Report With Lorenzo Alexander 9-14

Friday, September 14th


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It is time for the Buffalo Bills report I'm just not eight point five we welcome to the show one of our favorite players. Lorenzo Alexander good morning and immoral or moral everybody you know how we're just getting that didn't go 1 on a Friday morning about you don't. Yeah that I Omar actually didn't directions trying to get above the house right now so yeah it is good. You tweet about bet on September if it's truly grateful to be entering my fourteenth NFL season. As an undrafted free agent I've experienced everything from being cut multiple times to being an all pro I've learned you have to embrace. The process hash tag earn it every day is that your contract. I yeah I mean that is some awful. Put me early in my life and this is how live conspiracy McKay no matter what are doing so that's what I figured out federal we'd get some coaches and that's what they've got to bestowed on me throughout my. Can you name it fail. Heaven middle ground so many great people what are your thoughts on. We've got a great kid on the jealously he has put itself in the position in two well optimists are forced to squeak out this continue to grow and learn each and every single week I've got a lead strongly. Arm. When they're great people as well in it's going to be a good time as we can we got to go out support him in big hit him in the best wishes to have to go out they have a great game get some competent enough to have this when this guy. How do you feel about the season home opener having a high of 83 degrees. I'm ready to go opposite that the big jump from last week won't got a bit experience and where you have made some of the grave but job huh. Already dealt he's I think he's ever really bother me. I'll play this Summers ago. You know last week with that rain we just like what don't what I mean. It was not just rain that was like rain and rain. Yeah it was great game you know I played walks and four seven year solves around that you know Baltimore area and I never had opening day. In any area ever like he would always go like blazing I can't hear you say you guys who was actually we did that come out that they want course. Yeah right season home opener against the chargers thoughts on that team and Philip Rivers. Consistent number obstacle was recruitment or the people he's fiscally wonderfully put up big how odd yards that take some plays at a lot of great athletes a weapon the landing. In that he could you know it is great to belabor about a week which gets a little bit of a break and also not players but they're definitely the but definitely I mean that is you know crime when a game and now we come across. You know state so we have to go out there now I beat apple bought this week. When do you begin your workweek and get ready for football team is a word has it always seems like there's one word each week that all the bills players and coaches. Are kind of repeating to the mile to each other this week was excited excited seemed to be the word are you excited. A year from inside the plant credibility must be yes I can't wait. I'm so glad you brought a bills mafia just see you know when you come into work today dot RV lot is already full Lorenzo. Now he looks sort of yet until I left work about 530 ish so a little monetary apple is we could design a lot of excitement around this game and how to play in their cars sweep all ready to bounce back. What he does say to the bills mafia 'cause they love you. Yeah well we love you you know an award bad faith immediately give dad would appreciate everything that's great source don't know quite geared. Really. Speed off in years go by force now Quebec's. What Buffalo Bills fan do you take advice from in your everyday life maybe it's at the grocery store drive thorough. What bills fans are for Johnson to barber shop yet. Arafat. Well I do go to war borrowers up its guard seemed to cut the little guy that's come over got a good idea but the number one field plan is mile wide. Yes stake at Blackberry every single day. So what advice is she giving you this week if that were ready I'll go clean up the. He would go to Mike Dunlap and I had to watch this you could make a good night out so that's why the latest data you know make sure you'd give fair first tee. But it ended next time you know all those type thing. You know how much I loved it even though you're an all pro linebacker. That's still UH key key to really tell you it's time for her to go out have a night. Yeah I mean that there is cleared up a normal person at the end of the day what they can't prosecute him let you know when I do want that no number I'm Betty Carter at first and also. They're come away before football. There's come to you with dad advice 'cause obviously the W with a couple questions but they come as they came a little guy I'm a little girl. Do they can be would that. Our mile had a couple of god go multi media because I have a blended family that have golf summit similar scenes you know you get made it may be out yourself have a chat guys manage this situation so. On more than a couple guys that. Is where inside of not only the high school football season but college football season and the NFL football season. What's the most exciting game as a football player to play and. The most exciting game to playing them I mean is that Mexico and found that twelve I do every send them out scrambled twice a mark there on the way out. It would let gay maker I don't want one of my lack gonna be no morning welcome him to mold when I make her become a 20 you never know that BO. Lorenzo I wanna see you lighted up for this next game you have no idea how hunt Graham to see a big win. Do we all walk among got a bad case and I'm out right now we are try to watch out normal little bit to do that is and get a picture and also a bit. Both snap the football. As the linebacker trying to make the tackles get ten Philip Rivers what do you think you what's going through your head at that moment in time. All before the ball that I could get clues Obama I'll look at their golf Republican defeat delighted festivities this somebody give me a tail whipped Philip Rivers they get a lot of herb is a lot of word giddy. That scares you to type of play could be doing so try to take it all that information in the growing up here in the blue and excuse my jab at our level of play fair. Do you know how bad I just want they came to start right now we are so excited DiMarco for the bills to finally be played at home it's. I'm. Yeah yeah I mean is that all also either an obstacle all week I don't buy it looked forward to go out and we are working hard to squeak by the goat Betty in the barn a day to try to extract it. And look forward to show one out big Tamils who have been. And your message to all of the bills fans not just the bills mafia but every single person had to be cheering you on whether they're at home. Or in the stadium. Again while we appreciate all you guys do I want to let you guys down let last week but don't expect except in this week you need different wanna come out play hard play fast it. They get the crowd lock in early. We always love talking to you have a great game on Sunday will be cheer and fine. I appreciate you guys more we appreciate YouTube it's Lorenzo Alexander of the Buffalo Bills signed kiss ninety point five.