Buffalo Bills Report With Lorenzo Alexander

Friday, September 8th


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Time for the Buffalo Bills report we welcome Lorenzo Alexander did the show how are you. I'm a pretty good didn't ready it'll work and yet. Any given Sunday agency would have the last night about that. Yes crazy got to seal. First class three billion within aren't going to be at yet great guy out anytime anywhere you can you can lose the game so because bitchy or coming out. Welcome shock in the orchestra is that it no liability when when nick and Matt I. I don't let's talk about the quarterback and how he was like threading his passes that was exciting. How our Buffalo Bills look at Lorenzo Heidi Phelan. We're really confident when you go weeks to work and having great practices and wrap got scattered quite a bit of additional. In the market particularly if crew are where we established so and it could. Consistently pro democracy and so we're definitely look at Ford clinic jet into they would there are no more Internet you know four in the first week. And that's exactly what we while we're so excited about this game on Sunday. I'm when you talk about I instead of saying what's different from last year to this year and I'm Escude differently what's the same. From last year to this year. What is of the same ownership. Obama think we have a great ocean were OK now you know they've given it everything you need to alienate now speak Korean people that they helpful to bet. How good are the biggest thing and then out to the fans their passion. What they bring in. We get a week out year after year you know all seated in peace and autopsy at the people around the city that Bennett never changed or wavered so. Bill Lockyer ownership group on the part of that the two main stage. From last year. How we do with coach McDermott he's got some interesting ways of coaching. I love it I mean he he is who we year's car seat belt broke. Syria black and white type guy operate a lot of energy. It also. I mean in the big the biggest thing and he's consistent woody doesn't wanna sit there are BQ prospective player because we don't have secret. Go to doubts you know. Throughout the leading no place for different people to Clark's career by the people who etiquette discontinuing. The little one there aren't successful last the longest figure by these are entries into this land because it is very genuine. Consistent. This is the bills for with Lorenzo Alexander. We didn't get to see much of his set scheme for pre season. You think we're going to be blown away or is gonna be super noticeable for regular season when we see his plans get him to play. Are mostly so I mean there are maybe they've got other players players leak in it he did the first one to say you bet he's our. Going to over the scheme in brawl you know all these excited it is good coverage is still his little people allows players to go out BA BA ready. Tried to restrict their ability to Metallica has given them in and just look at play fair play together play with a lot of energy. And I that's what the origami look at Seattle pretty great the last report by the definitely covertly. Matured retirement accepted that it would they got its way they got got that they have great talent and they play together. Let's look at what football's all about big people lost power struggle over complicated. Do too much and it didn't slow him bogged down. Ask them to go our people former high level. I wouldn't say that and just all about the Lorenzo Alexander of the Buffalo Bills on to Saudi point 51 of my favorite things. On television is seeing all you guys walking into the stadium. All dressed stop having her picture to your first day of school Lafayette. I'm kind of in between with that. You know what what what what kind of sure I had no idea Katyusha idea yeah yeah. Yeah. Can't do readjusting that you're trying to make it just on the side are right now what I'll have already to go Sunday morning. Sideline adjustments from Lorenzo Alexander and that's not even my driver for it is the big weekend too with the movies because the Stephen King it scary movie it. With the clowns is coming out is that kind of movie you would go see. I'm skipping it. Gay duo here I can't handle it is our won't be able go to sleep Ganassi settled in my club yet to articulate. You and me both brother you have to play a joke and somebody is stopped at like party city and get a red balloon in just tied to one of the greats that be funny. I think he could do what are we just don't like cash wouldn't be so funny he's a red balloons. Party may luggage with the video guys like they're gutsy move guys yeah they reject it in the post. Soviet. I'll follow I'll be there today so I. Do good about all of this there and I liked Derek but what you wanna say you talk about the bills mafia and we love the bills mafia to what do you wanna say. To the twelfth man. You know where their Brian didn't work at all. Political locked into a lot of energy make you guys proud this year Osaka from the playoffs we'll put every effort we can't you know we got we got hurt their right. I'm so looking to do that each and every single day and I want I want everybody to be reassured. Black. Have a great game Sunday. I appreciate it arrogant Arcadia Lorenzo Alexander of the Buffalo Bills and just 98 point five.