Buffalo Bills Report With Dion Dawkins

Friday, December 1st


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We welcome to the show DL dot hints from the Buffalo Bills the morning. The morning right or really gonna hurt your work in on Nancy Jones thing that Joseph challenge. They don't challenge which is really really hard but that would. Would you say it's for a picture players because your clock and it went through twenty years I'm like that your big guy yes. Yeah yeah I would say. The great thing is that it's a lot of court started Somalia. Is it its earlier Korda beat you up then. As you know like how I'll alike column are columns in the yards in what we are all about there in a court. You know because north through what the smaller she's a look like a little a little bit more sheltered. DN Dawkins of the Buffalo Bills offensive tackle. If you can describe what your job is on the Buffalo Bills Deion how would you describe what you do. Hyper technical director wants. Yeah the Bloomberg and basically if you want another like definition. I'm basically have to make that quarterback is comfortable as possible in part because mom and protecting where he can't see. And if the quarterback isn't comfortable and in a pocket than he can never. Do his job as all potential. Is protecting someone in your nature do you have siblings friends or was watching their back like is that who you Lar. You. Like like that's basically my definition of my like I've been. Basically. They rather off Marc burns the my teammates at temple. Basically everybody who hobbled around like artists. Bill like that artists embrace that won't just make sure everybody believed Satan does feel comfortable in and every situation when their roaming. So do you find your eyes walking ahead of everybody a little bit fits it you know trying to. I would. Did what well even like if sometimes walking ahead and even walk in have aren't just like they like they can sort that nobody's trauma. Do it who I like anything craving. What is it was funny when they did it and embrace exactly it was finally they did a quarterback change. And and then went back to Tyrod does change what you do a little bit because obviously they're gonna have a little bit different style. Well it definitely changes how I played just a little pickup line. As we know cover art because while I went around and do like his opening at a party where. As other like creative and has more patient in the pocket and I would say but that's two different black quarterbacks like Micah Peterman is more. Being like Mike don't fall straight down the field in Colorado more elusive that he beat duke but like other things so it definitely changes are that. Definitely yes definitely here. DN Athens for the Buffalo Bills on the phone with us so what weakened December do you start suggesting gifts to tyra because of your protecting him. I'm thinking you deserve a really nice Christmas I leave a couple catalogs around the locker circle things noble good at. So basically. How party like but like mentioned dorm money. Was it that you want. Africa and of course like parrots those who bought and nothing so what I'm alike have to do now was it. It in the like conversation would have made this pick it out and end in pretty nice them to look like a puppet they come from the article you elect I would. A put back or I'm like if the back or when this particular game or something whatever. No and yet you need to find your inner eleven year old to start circles. Can't ask yourself and leave around the locker room. Aqueduct you agree I'd beer I believe you can really do yeah I don't hands and I can't believe you can. And right wolf a lot of you know investors' faith based on what they can you really do it do if there. Yeah I was egyptians are sure. But I could be it could be you and enhancing contest that the one thing yeah challenge if for sure it. You walk off if you wanna talent market depth that we put. Jones are you want. A pair of game on Sunday. How many have come to a unique way warming up I can't stand challenge I challenge you sir are perfect. Tell me about the aim my cause my cleats I know you've designed cleats that are gonna help your cause tell us about what you'd chosen to do. Yes so I've children. Do march Crete. Four of quote sorry Children's Hospital. Orchard Park or or book a spot like buffalo buffalo yeah. And it's basically if for the kids because like. Even at temple like I've been going to like shouldn't like hospital and sitting around with a tentative than. Despite an arm weathermen over here's our crew a strong our guests. Feeling or emotion and mark felt or Michael cared because lose their like if you ever see them like. They always have a smile on the face every single day enterprise. Act like. Like the electoral behave like people around. Forced up that they really don't need the front about and there's people that have a lot stuff that's going on and are smiling. So it just shocked me about how happy and Hitler the artist grew at an attachment to hold and then when I came buffalo I was. It's excited to be involved with these cute. And this is not the first time that I have been around and it's so. They can't have the way and we just went over there and he's. These aren't could work nice and and it put more quickly so humble Marcum pregame all woke hopefully in the game player. You know like with your clique like you wanna recommend a certain way so on the city there Kabul where I am in the game but abruptly. Or them going in pregame so or like how it goes. At what baseball gloves of over always driven over them jump to drive over your cleats. To where men that's you know what you can yet. Isn't it donor exactly com we're so lucky I was excited when they. Drafted you and I'm even more excited to have a personally Q playing for our team in our community. Talk about the patriots we can win. Wall every day is a winning pace so. We try to win every day and I'm gonna say yes. 'cause not like no one really click. Who booed so we're just gonna trust Al Coates and who and what he called our economic. They go out there in the. I have this feeling you're gonna have the most incredible game on Sunday. Me yeah massacre. Yeah I feel I feel it I really do you won't win enhancing competition against Mediaone but everything else you'll win that isn't it when the have a great game on Sunday and they. Thank you for helping out the kids at Children's Hospital that means a lot to the entire community of thank you represent the docket for the Buffalo Bills on kiss in ninety point five.