Buffalo Bills Fan Shuttle Details

Thursday, August 2nd


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There's a new ride a bus sharing Intel I'm gonna let him tell you all about it micron is the CEO. And that from rally the morning in my. Good morning. Peter hasn't. What the buffalo and bringing your business to buffalo tell what rally does what you're going to be about. We are bike ride chair you know Al understandably don't build intro long time but like you said even dealing with traffic parking. All that he issues that come from Ryan join the game. What we've done is lit and get together and and travel in a new way. I'm meeting other transit. At their home town I'm in Rochester training camp today and that glad to be meeting and that have been taken our I'd heard a couple of years now. So explain to me. How this works to bring it down to meet one person wanting to go with like six of my friends to a bills game how you do business. It can immediately get searcher bots to build game GOP rally at the number one result. And if you that's why in the game you're going to lose you party stop near you know and you look at feet. It's that simple of course frustrated shared what your friends know they'll look at heat shield. Anywhere we get enough people look at current trip. So from Russia they're Toronto buffalo than sending buses three year. But if you don't we have got near you you can add Euro until. New unlike. Isn't like the idea of a big supersize Lowber. Well yeah I like that you compare that though and actually compared what their trillion dollar company these. Yeah absolutely. Is. What's the cost like. The clock starts as little as point five dollars so round trip that we you know we incentivize those early adopters they get the ball only. And then as we get closer to the game and the price goes up. I'm I just have one side no question have you spent two bills in have you seen what our fans alike and are you prepared for the pats. A unfortunately I haven't yet and I'm looking forward into the big news of course is Wally been doing this on our own for a couple years now that our current NFL partnership. And though I'm glad to be in Rochester training camp on looking forward to being an epic game. Yeah the fans have been responding really well did it and they've been really great you know that what they're really like about it. Is you know why are you going to began to begin with when you could watch on TV if you want. You wanna beat you another chance yeah and so what we're going to let them extend that gained experience. Through the traveled. Tables like a brick itself to say in all. And so much and I'm not charging that it just happens. Describe the bus this isn't like a school bus that you might rant with with Frances it would have the luxury buses. Yeah actually it's the luxury motor coach says that they only got room for fifty people on me I got reclining bucket seat here for everyone. He's. Why buy it how our own lives and of course you know you can have a drink on the right end. About restrooms. That part of a deal through three wow. That's amazing in this sounds I can't tell you how many times we've all wanted to get a ride to the game and sometimes. You know limousines obviously everybody loves a limousine option that's in limousines are going to be 25 dollars and and you end up on a school bus which is bomb bomb bomb and still having this option is really amazing. Welcome to the Buffalo Bills family that's pretty cool. Thank you area defends the reacted creating and actually spending that the internal until you then and now I'm from downtown buffalo is courses that. Rochester and everywhere in between a wherein he is looking forward to expanding list and growing it we've been sending by the ten bucks a game and now yes and now that we're working when the bills are just looking to see how quickly you get bit. In my nice in this rally at. From. Like rally cap really. That's as it is out after we get. Yes of course but you can book on the web site that bucks that app lets you track the bucks you know here you're meeting at a local bar or restaurant or park in rye peak in. You know arrest needing other friends new trend while you're track in the but on the out. Still part is bills fans try to get on your boss with a card table I'm just saying maybe not let them bring Matt Kenseth at if you. We have here and let's we have this thing with tables and bill's fans and some maybe not have to see your kids this gaffe and him and I have a question. Do you so not everybody going to bill's game happens to be bills and sometimes it's like all that patriots can class will you let people denote whether there for that particular game patriots fans that they can be right on the bus or on the outs and we can't ask bus breaks down by this is good yeah. That's. That's the good going we have and that actually at the new feature we're going to be launching a new guy in and out soon. I appreciate your band that they get bigger and bigger we're gonna have a family friendly but yeah yeah. But right now right now if we don't have that aberration but you know everyone's been really great respectful and hey you know those though carte cable there into net a little lad is that we also partnered with the chill guy at. Which are doing delegate and how you don't have to worry about bringing a they've yet hang out and out our delegate. Also just I've been I've been emailing with Justin about those tail gates. Given that it. Yes those really hurt him big groups again what we've done is set up a rally Cilic gay. And speaking at umpire. After Q and join our. Now I know my censure out of buffalo bills' training camp how does the team. I think you're right there. Yeah I hasn't started yet they just got here I thought I get on the floor you guys go to our I'll be looking out. OK got an and your first regular season game I'd love to see what appears they're starting at the preceding day is over right pre season and that is not even nearly what a crazy game has now but I do love that you're gonna have different kinds of bosses if you get it without that do really well. Good luck with your business. Thank you very much. It was fun talking to you rally RT a LLY. Ilie got CEO is the website there's an effort to protect critical smiling with a bill this is the perfect thing for my boys because. There are always getting together with their friends at different places and all wanna go they all buy tickets. But the getting to the game has always been the difficult than some outside that you got this. I'm glad that you guys like it and I am looking toward debt. They accused for the parent.