Buffalo Bills Embedded Details

Thursday, August 2nd


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We welcome. From the buffalo bills' Chris Jenkins senior director of contact and good morning Chris aria. Good morning to enter your ago you had a unit training camp for you your muscle. I'm in beautiful process new York and on or how is training camp this year has a look at. It is now. It's good I mean what has been great guys motivated energetic and both opponents are probably great and really go. All the focus. All the focus is on who's going to be the QB do you get a sense of who is the front runner from your perspective Chris. I had no idea that his. I pretty. Pretty equally throughout our com. But they've also got in the complete so that that the urging you know all of those guys bring bring metric that people and so. They'll grow. You know pictures Democrat and connect them a deep pass. And he he. You know where exports you know court touchdown on the red appears like that though. But because they're ultimately that's that's urgent back. As so it's a fun day of football that we had some audio this morning of Kelvin Benjamin. Talking about how he wants all the quarterbacks to trust him so high low wherever they're throwing the ball he's gonna catch it. I love him he's on my favorite players. But yet you know in the great thing about Calvin is. He's always open. When you're 66. Exactly it and all of that and and or are like that purely open no matter what you get depend on you. Or you earlier right left and he's got decreased to get. I'm I'm I would from the voter. Yeah for sure so Chris as senior director of content for the Buffalo Bills I love what you guys have put together. Tell us about this inside behind the scenes series Buffalo Bills and added that we're gonna see. Slower arm really at its. It's something that really it's the act when an organization. Are at their Internet and you know star mark Chrysler. What you are content people both bill and neighbors. Here the jet back to beat the you know it if we wanna give fans an inside look. Of what we're doing it you're ready when he Tutsis. And get prepared you to go in Baltimore and and start things up on the right foot. So we're going to be here Burgundy and our team meeting we're going to be acquiring players out outreach practice. Where some additional meeting. And and eat and really we just have cameras. On the field in the huddle you know really trying to get special angle. I'm prepared to see what's really going on. And in. That the district produce our currency. And it's been exciting really critical product to work on the BR and it's it's been great. I'm thinking that I Ben part of this from the beginning I would have had one scene where Sean McDermott is standing in front of a table. And then when you have to do cuts. You you do it just like the bachelorette does and she doesn't care how would you accept this football and they can go on the field. Just something maybe for next one of the assistant coaches coach Bill Frist are good at it as well. I will let missed show you got them so I urge all of letter but apparently though at that fifth. But we and it transparent and. Chris we've got a lot of ideas here can study program I'm sure you guys do too but if you're ever like. Look at for a different way to think outside the box were here I want to. Initially pitched a make over show. And I want we pick players or coaches or owners or specifically Billy buffalo I hit it to do make overshadow I don't look for a few years I agree but something. To me it looks very late nineties. I'm thinking and at this point. I'm I'm thinking at this point I make no longer for Billy like that. That's a good eye while. You know backers. That is something that I'm offering to the I would that the thank you never know what that. Or appreciate so Buffalo Bills and batted presented by Pepsi. Provides us that inside look at teen practices how real does this get because I love I love what one show. Where they do it and they follow football team we you know which are not art that's a good. Well yet. Our on our Gartner sees it as. Doug and our hurt really digital only you know which I think makes it. Really special because. To lighten up how long mission over it and yet so wanna do we did the duke or. So we'll start August 15 and then that's when expect and that's what he and I. In September that. It will be Ares or were girl. But we'll both embedded so. You know and allow other people do an astute that a lot of this only shows I think Arizona on the first date there. But but it's a great way to take advantage of really a lot of help the people that we care here within the bill or at department and then he would he would all. Sorry your and there are certain matters how. I would be able to watch this obviously it's going to be broadcast the Winger what channel Howell and tell me about the digital aspect of how we see this go. There appeared that more people watched page for the show that equate them FaceBook dot com last built in that it. Follow that page you'll get all sorts notification about either. And then win episodes blow we'll launch. And as well let you know all of us so we are. I will be voting that. Day in day out though that so premieres August heat. But get the best party. They're all over billed them all over the world can watch it. So there are no limitations of FaceBook dot com. Backed budget bill and that it and Limbaugh have on our act in art YouTube channel and our web site 24 hours after the original error. So I just put it in the search bar Buffalo Bills and batted and there's the option to follows I started following its that was easy. Animal like it you don't OK so there's two things aren't and so then this is how we're gonna want to point this is gonna be fun for that bills fan that wants. Even more yeah what the climate is like with the Buffalo Bills this season. Exactly and I think a lot of it. Allowed that these ideas that target this show it at some account directive that we have lately. It's based on what happened we haven't seen. We had a great opportunity to be in that locker and we were station and expand to New York react cameras have won six to capture the fan reaction. Well we what we beta plaque smartly. Found Leah got over that hump so. Tom Arnold I think it built sample remember seeing Kyle Williams employed are Arabic like I don't be put back. And Terry on hugging and although I mean it's not popular you know that access that that our football department gave us. I'm really. Kind of car will turn him in and and you know work of our leadership who work which onset. Kamal then you know with this idea get a suspect that a really pivotal and and where we are right now. So Chris once this is posted we can watch it whenever how long does it stay operas it up there forever. Are they get their act up there without their her her current or make it up there at least but but yet though. You get a pardon the trailer that they are now so that's where we hesitate last night but the throw was up there there's some people watched well like a simple will promote we'll put some clips. Some users out there leading up the first episodes that keep fans engage but I'm really you know you can just followed by all of our. Platforms like Twitter. Into the grand. FaceBook. Yeah I already I start over what I love back. Buffalo Bills in better did you get an inside look at the behind the scenes series. Chris when when we looking at. Break out stars in this series weathered it because like every good reality show has somebody that just kind of floats to the top and always seems to be like that money on camera you know is somebody like that we can look forward to. You know I think a lot of people the you know will do to stop would be out thought and you know who's gonna be allowed. A lot of chains on our offensive line you know about Erik Richie. Hutu leaders you know you'll see something from beyond talk and now he's just that new role. You know only the second year but he you know he's better about our RO a lie you know so he's doing. I you know some of the stuff we had him mark the other day and is on the work that you've been doing in some countries is Eva that with some or yacht a climate. You know he was where they work a year ago you know he's trying to help them. And try to give them a vice that to make sure they they company out there on the field. So you know got like the on and so can help some. It's really you think people they do know currently Jerry Hughes. Europa to see a different side of the political perspective you know you know that what he's Jerry Jerry intact out there on Sunday. You know he's the very emotional emotional player but. You know you'll you'll see Jerry and and the way he works with some of the younger lot like Eddie Yarborough. Given given that buy into an improper in terms of development pass pat movement. And what kind of things that he does all you know. To get prepare for this season though you know it's it's really that mentor that leadership and and then he got cut on. Joked around he knew each other. At them pay out this football is very important but he's got depressed and they're developed in response here. And at Fisher and and we wanted to give give them that that opportunity. It's going to be challenged this year. Are you know I respect you I'm. Just. I don't know. If I'd have been more prepared. I guess. I hope I hope when one of these episodes you guys and in what kind of cars they're rolling out in what they're wearing. And I'm really fast and really how far is too far with the excited like after we followed home what food their eating because I'm all about nutrition at the workout is yet there's a lot of weight. It will execute sample for example Libya. What they're put their diets where I. I love that banana and that's that took a look of patience and I love to see the the Buffalo Bills are doing this you know everyone's gonna wanna watch it thanks Chris. Are you were not answered that question we will. You know we're gonna try to you know capture as much but it became you know look at some guys make you. Going Olmert ketchup and their families. You know we're so persona processor that we got. We gap for a camera that it's very a couple of practiced a couple of things here beating like that will be at. The blue and red scrimmage on Friday the year if you got our tickets go out which tickets for that. That's our night or Friday night scrimmage right. Our pride and some Pedro and see the football side of things and some people wanna see what the players or whatever where these people like when it's not football news there's two different. Ways to look at this team. Yes exactly and it and the biggest thing. Brooke we have pat DiMarco Michael yes a couple days ago and the other one what you think that he thought about what it's just witnessed there is why. It. Baby daughter. A couple weeks ago and yet the lead them to come to camp seven met the panther group like that you know these guys did it it. It's fun it's great you know they love Michael while playing for a living playing in this city but I think I'm if they Stanley that there are out that they want you. You know they want it still make sure that they enjoy it to enjoy their are their spam. And like you you could see AJ McCarron without here yesterday you. Aren't we can finally be or could you tell Katherine was pregnant because I know that she's got a little bit she like it can hide a pregnancy he has just. A hypocrite. I I know I think she hardly looked pregnant she's like so I just love her she's an artist. I had. I think they're pitches from father in particular your studio in Atlanta that. Yeah she's a very talented artists from everything I'm hearing. So I look forward to. You currency of Bernard and inferred that saw them. And it's so close a school of gravity your outfit there you know to sort neither am. And this year you know these experiences coat that don't last forever but it. But it's great that these memories and and that's a real or capture them. That comes across in the piece there. You know on the show that you are these editors the outburst. You know they're doing a great job capture and athletic so where we're excited to get out. And you know we only to see what Kim is where can I am gonna hand I'm a girl like that but I don't like to really cheap out that's it and make coverage I. That's right that's our eggs and those of us. The bill's neck countless. We get to be the head nickel she knows how I look at things. You know I wanna win football games and like to see the fashion to luck and this is going to be fun to watch Chris. I did a delicate Arctic air upper arm and arm and a popular. Back from training camp Chris Jenkins of the Buffalo Bills director of contents.