Blind Dates

Thursday, February 15th


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Ike tore Joe's gonna let you know what's exciting is jumping out of a plane there is a new study out of England that found the going on a blind. Date. Gets your heart rate up to about a 106 beats per minute which is right around your heart rate if you were going to go skydiving. Researchers say it's no surprise to see heart rates spike before thrilling experience is an extreme sports how ever they're surprised to see. Did eating. Is among one of the top thrills. So perhaps if you don't wanna jump out of a plane go on a blind date it could be braver than we initially thought. How are there. Dayton should be a whole bunch of different things yeah the world of you have a username let's go on a date that's scary oh my gosh that's super scary movies is that is that we let them move Abbott's. Every good luck and yeah the presidential alternate plan. I'm trying to think if I know anybody that has gone on a date meeting somebody. Recently that I know it was a big thing like is that still. A big way to meet people like. It is online and that's the NC only went idea. Yeah not meeting their friends or anything like that pays you recently he's trying to. You know now there's apps but that's yet it's holding its shirt it happens all the time what's what's the plan part of it is. You always gives you pictured person right. Police think you're seeing you think you're seeing your picture person how they want you to see them I would desks and it's like we're. I don't think you should face time something before England because your shirt but that doesn't. You. Canyon. Again underscore. The right. There is a toothbrush debate going on and it's wild talk about that after 8 o'clock so if you're. About the tooth brushes aside dating ever. I. I'm sure I read. And it does get here are carried out I think I might error. Are all over the play whenever I yeah. Well I'm that they work. Who who do you trust to say you up on a blind date you had to go to person you're totally trust. Yeah. So you're conference like now I don't even need. I. Put my. Arm. And one. I. Yeah exactly so where are you finding. Potential. Dates. Not. Go oh yeah. Well I saw how are you so tell me your meeting people. And that Ali act got old. Angela. I don't eat out and and us. I swiping the scene potential fights. I actually. Actually met people they don't there are an idiot I tried that one might have been I didn't bar. It. But you aren't I don't totally. And I am I mental or an. Actual though you don't want I want it. I don't I personally use regular mental on the mall was listening to identify with. That at. All. I'll see you Google and can you explain. I'm mentally I get a mental psychotic epic are not. And right. For. An alien movie they just looked at each other and that was like yeah. That but it might be yeah I don't know maybe it just he just somebody's eyes do you need at any touched again there's a phrase for that I just got this under isn't. It yeah. You are tough one. The colors and did you called the blood in me. How have you met people. I. Well. And and and they. Are going to. Albert and look at it and it. Can you share an example of well that's a lie they said they were this and ended up that. Well. I. I and it looked like it and they're like. I. Re not and they got. Your bell and it is not common and it likely that. Aren't aren't like. Allah is great I heard they are. It hurt yeah she and let. The great. It out and I'll. Write about. Mary. Dot. I. Can you okay here's. What was the advantage of lying about it was he bragging. Was it over again. You know it. It'll be you know it got hurt. Or I'm. Am I after the credit card and Bieber I can see a golf. Some dog meat. Are so bad at bad dating experience what and then he doesn't I yell at least. It's it's it's. Awesome I love her. I used only war this. I I would ask the questions now so you had a bad experience and had to heal a little bit and then. Where did you go next. I. I. Know I don't play you know. EB. They are called. An. Appellate court and the art at the great. It. And their friends are. Split at ninety. He. Used not such an amazing catch. On the surface. As she is not a big plays like a great catch. Us don't know any profession she's. Like out how is it art and I. Let it. Our fault that our help now and I are all. And you know drink is there anybody like you evening and I like a lot like your big girl. I. Don't edit. Out exactly. Actually. Get out of surplus as so many guys. Aren't that Internet connected Harry. Testing me OK and the first thing you're gonna do is put it out to the universe that you believe in us. You need to say it out loud that you wanna find a good person to say laughter universe has proceeded. I. It. Put it out there. Now that's fine. You wanna go to the strung museum or the home an outdoor living child may have what you guys. Do you think. Yeah. Yeah he lives. Regardless her ally. The home. This guy's orange. And then before you know he's seen and it's all those home improvement projects that you find somebody in the. That would be an op. Ed I don't know what I. Acting it. Out. All of us here in the cat she's a cat. Right just give us. She all right all right I forgot okay I really the perfect guy for you would be somebody that would slow you down a little that. And it's not let it totally out I don't I don't that now I'm. Yeah. And now. On the what I ate and give students at home and outdoor living charges to have some fun. Then you put out the universe and they do your friends obviously you know you're looking for somebody right. So maybe maybe they'll help you never know. I feel like did not put out that commie that when you find him. You have to you have to put it out there you know. It's it's so funny Billick when when you're a woman in the position that you're in. Two to be able to fit in net slice of how I am having a socialist and trying to meet somebody that's really tough. And you're right there isn't it's not like you really go to bar bars. Like our wherever. I know it does I don't feel like the people you would need to have a contract. And now. You really re at the gym or bar that really it ends up as a relationship. Hi I. And there and help a. Eruptions and a lot of folks. I think church is probably going to be your best option that's just my I know so many people that meet through church and you said you're good girl right. Great girl. A barrel at packer but got hurt that Brian and note and you know here. I like here are good. At it and get out but seeing Allan and her. Don't you know like you're you're easy you're easy prey unfortunately. Yes. Yeah I learned that. Well at a stop and courier. I attacked. No what is known is trying to hit on you know work in this current so knowing that you know. In all areas you know there will be no flirting at work know as you do that oh. It. Look let us know. That we scattered Hamburg Houston cosmic.