Battle Of The Pickup Lines

Friday, July 27th


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I Chelsea you're one of the judges your line judge okay. At Morgan each provide you with a line that we would. What is it called again. Icebreaker an icebreaker OK you're gonna die if you wanna start conversation with a total stranger I MA there. The you just make some sort of eye contact me and I've been noticing Hubert you wanna have noticed you can't just say you're one of our line judge okay so hang on a technical they had to. This humorous I'm RC one of relying judge's okay. Are you a social person. So you heard at all right. It's so it is Chelsea Marisa and Brittany hi brittney. I you're going to be whenever a line judge's okay. And girls here's let me set the scene right now we're at Beers and wines. On the water this is on Saturday 3 PM event at grant park so were all outside. Enjoying. The water there's bands playing. There is. Wine tasting beer tasting. The salt as a fun okay. Each gonna give you are lining you guys in line judges. We first. Erica ago passed out. If you were potato. UBS we. Unit you know say that to a titles you hate saying it with what we're timely your line if you were potato. You this week. It's worked. A picnic let's starts. With that line judges. Were at Beers and wines on the water. I forgot my beer cup can bar you'll. I. I. If German folk that it's not known for me I'm so edit this like I'm totally gonna get your mind. I. That it. If she gets hurt him. Do you want a taste of bite my pretzel necklace. I would. I would expect a lot more than you announcing yeah. You wish Chelsea argued that prop them up like that's necklace as every good Beers on the water you need to tell that right. Long pause. To wanna abide by a pretzel and I think that's go to Angela that. Just think you're right judge who wins. I am thinking of how. Okay Ricky your line judge who wins. I think Adam why. And you're out. But I. I'm glad that I am Ahmed later in opening like that. I love it perfect okay Marisa. You think I don't want to see how the sweet potato line you win these aren't we so four Beers a minds on the water to rally grant what are our line judges have picked your line. As the best opening lines of could you give to Western New York one more time if you were potato you idiots we. The bottom line is Western New York love scarves just remember after a few and it. On the generics. Yeah. And humor particularly its. That is what you're gonna hear that is good at brews and wines on the water tank stroke specialists and accused not import I appreciate you my line judges.