Alessia Cara

Friday, June 22nd


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You know backstage I guess this summer hello with Alessio car. On first half I know he just dropped a single when as the album come out hopefully September when hopefully in September we don't have a date yet but September is aiming for a we have a title. I guess is called the pains of growing which is kind of Blake growing pains except the pains of growing the same thing. I just want to call it that because it felt like it sounded more like his storybook in like the title of them. Project so what part is hard of growing just growing up or growing in the bears are growing artistically. A little bit of everything and I think that for me like in my situation in particular of course I'm going through regular 21 year old. Problems wish you wouldn't think there are many but there are many it's like a very transitional phase. But then also the transition of becoming an artist in need someone who's in the public guy in all the things that can come with. That sort of thing in it it was new to me illnesses the circumstances there's different. So those two things together I think kind of caused all of my current. I got to see go through sort of bittersweet moment with winning your Grammy and congratulations. And then I saw people he's you know as the Internet does kind of be like wait a minute you're not a new artist I know you. And I saw you have to deal with that I'm like really can't we just win an award can be happy with that one of those things you have to kind of grow around and deal with I'm. Yeah I think it's like it was one of those things that need to keep you almost at some point his didn't know how to feel about it even though like I knew I should or should have been happy and I and I was it did almost. People cutting me feel like I was taking something away from somebody Jewish. Obviously isn't the case and I don't know I Philly kind of stripped the innocence of of what I've always wanted to wait but at the end of the day I think I'd be doing a disservice to. Every little girl who's watching if I let that get to meet and so that's way I said something I usually don't say a lot about the hate but this time I really felt like. I wanted to say like you know what I deserve it I'm and I worked very hard so I thought that would be like a nice message for other people trying to do what I'm doing. Do you are I know from the industry you're one of the hardest working artists out there right now much you Brian Hardin I don't know if you understand some people take the easy road you're doing. A lot what is right now the most intense thing that you're struggling with you've got an album title you've got a single out. Is it taken the rest of the songs for the album come this kind of hide. That is our thing like trying to pick I'm which songs go on the album could he get attached to all of them especially when you're. Making them from a personal place so for me it's hard to lake. Let some go and figure out where they go in. That's been had a difficult but it's all like fun stuff that I enjoy to visit salt creek and anything creative is is like my favorite part of what I do well yes that's kind of hard but I do it still. Let's his or someone in your life the U bounces sound off of your local got the song and want the song but I'm not sure what direction to go sound wise is or somebody play foreign. Maybe get their opinion. I always played for my parents my brother. My Brothers like the most honest critical volcanic yet little brother and shares your dad so leave it as and my best friend to see. She's been listening to the sounds like early aren't since day one can't clean room. My early early demos of like the first album in like writer's craft class like during school so at that she's always going to be someone please her the stuff for him. So happy for you and I when you won the Grammy. We were your first bigger arena show when you came to kiss the summer hello few years ago so congratulations and it's really cool they cute fake somewhere else and this thing these first day of summer do you have a favorite summer memory growing up. Cool yet wolf my family and I would try to go to it really every couple of years. And let my home my whole mom's side of the family is there so we would go there. As much power as often as we could and every time we go I just like so many memories of all my cousins in his being there kind of feels like a second home or damaging the summer because Italy. I don't know this is this government rallies keep in the back my mind. My final question what are you wanna say two little girls who grew up singing I'm a six year old today who was singing her heart out of scars to beautiful. She may grow up when debut picks are what you wanna say two little girls after that arm. Learning their singing craft. Talk I would say keep doing in a matter how many people tell you can't and I can't even count the amount of people have told me that I can't even while being in the industry it's never gonna. Change unfortunately specially he has as women but I think it's so important to keep proving yourself keep showing people why he can do it never give up. And an always just be brave and proud of yourself and never let anybody tell you. Otherwise it motivational speaker lesser car yes Ted talk good luck coming amount since September -- you.