Acadia's story

Wednesday, May 9th


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Q what do you do when here today. Cat suit me. Why is it like to have surgery. Yeah Ali can I take. It that's clean. Because it's. As they commanding seizure. Do you remember when could never had anesthesia like that before. Do they tell you to come back core answer naming your favorite animals and what they tied. It is Tony dad Aaron. In fact and that tiring and it has taken into. So you're here now beautiful view in your room to see outside and enjoy that tell all to stop its in your room seems like a lot of medical stuff. Me. I eat. I eat I expected it to her. What did you bed go up and down. He can. They ET ear and that it's. Colony have clock. A couple of days. I. And right here aren't there is staying. In the thigh my game needs changing impact it can. Had to come here. So when you're not and the Jon marsh I Children's Hospital what. Hi guts at age. Eighteen and let it peak killing. Field tech school of T current music I mean. I can't I prefer him before it's time they. Performed playing an instrument. I saying. Language saying. It capricious and good it was Alaska. There was like two represented nice club. UNICEF some voice. And really it's true links catch. That invoice today that's okay because I didn't so tell me about the nurses that you met here. Players doing mate. Tell me about. When it's lunch or dinner time look and food to the bringing. Our wow I had pitching like. He's been excellent clients I I like and it could I teased cast. Ice and I can't really. Cap and I. Pink. And Mac and cheese. Can't she is an area started thinking about it it sounds so good doesn't it and I can't have. I tell me because you know mother stays on Sunday. So we're celebrating all the moms as we try to raise money for Children's Hospital tell me about your mind. And alienate. And stoutly I honestly carrying AG. Ain't. Any Adam thank you crack it what's the silliest thing she likes to do. In the patriots' artist she made some weird songs that's amazing do you remember any amount. Yeah. I ever weird. The top two or just a second you know we're she really is what do you wanna teller for Mother's Day. But I hate to hear her. I hope they need like stand out hit it. He went to Catholic. And I found me. Has managed to me. So Janet. 'cause you time children spend. Wonderful it's awesome staff and that this is really amazing. Scary if your child go into surgery this terrifying. What was the hardest part. You just have to trust. Everyone else you'd to scuttle the process. Happened and accurate surge it was. An emergency. Though. We hadn't had a lot of time to think about it and we just have to let the team here and do what they do best which was secretly. Being a mom all summer I don't know if you're like me. I had my children that had to be put out before didn't you wanna run after the people that were taking her Buick do you know how important she used to. You have a feeling but. And they don't do it you know. You know that they're doing what they do it fast and it I'm sure every child is important itself. Hey. You know we just be put them in their name her and Anna Hansen. How long machines surgery for a early hour over an hour hour and a personal chatter on X outcome. And that moment you know really sure if it's just that if it's more than that lesson. Yeah we can now. We thought they had the panic and ruptured so that adds a lot of complications. So. So we knew it wasn't. And the most routine but it still because we're lucky enough to have this hospital it's still something that they do you hear. You know every week and it's really talented surgeons anesthesiologists. And nurse staff and so if it's Philly it's it's it's huge to have this and so did you drive for to the hospital. Yes. For anybody listening right now on this is part of the education process for our community. We knew where that other hospitalized did you know where the John O'Shea children's hospitalized yes. And work in this area and so I've driven by this place. Many times. So when. Yes and just familiarity with the city. What did you do and that our time into I was in surgery. It just waited in antenna. Just locked back in force and pasted my husband does that mean he he's a little bit matter. Distracting us how half. But. You know it was Sunday is pretty quiet in the waiting area and yes. You know just just hope for the best in every time the door open the staff is looking in. Now he just hoping that you're not gonna see them locked in it's not a good luck that it happened so the doctor came mountain that they say. Well and he he told us everything that allow you have pictures of laparoscopic surgery so I got to see. Exactly what had happened in her abdomen. She doesn't wanna hear this because. She she doesn't. Have a pick could be appreciation for seeing those images. Have a medical background and you know and other circumstances. Seeing images like this would just be capped fascinating and different story when it's titled. But it was it it was great you know basically they told the story of but it happened during surgery and me. Patiently explains. Everything and so say it was it was great to just have. Alec communication to really know exactly what they signed it did and they put everything back together and and what we would be expecting. I don't know is that what we're certainly did she just have really bad abdominal pain. Yeah it's you know started on Thursday we dig come here. And they thought it was something else. And then he can really severe again on Saturday so we came back. She also had a fever had developed on Saturday. And so. Yes we did learn a few things about appendicitis because. In any classically here every once it's a lower right abdominal pain and concern of senator abdomen actually that has happened quite often. So it doesn't have to be the lower right side. That's that's how she presented it didn't. It didn't progress to the right side until until Saturday in you know thinking back. Mother's Day 28 teen what it means you. Just happy she's here. A look at. That smiling and act herself now. I'm dealing on the noticed dimples you notice them every time right the well actually she was accused Ford and that previous children's location and it. Aping. I think when an Anderson said we've got temples even hitting goes one in the first comments. Won't even next time be like when you're watching your daughter. At finance musical sing for her school. And he almost can pick her voice sound you're hearing her sing and it's just okay. It's just to stop them this is just we're just really grateful. She's and protect yourself and. It you know I just all the little moments your eyes. How fortunate you are to have all those little things you know how there's so many things that don't mean. Any thing and he got their something like that with. I guess I I I could understand. But like being on the brink of tears. Is because. Of how scary it was. Yeah. Is she was enough basic little girl. You know happier to have her appendix ruptures. It it's not that it's not uncommon but it immediately puts. You put you know holding risk category. So. Because of what you do know in the medical field to what you don't know. Just what I do know and sometimes. What everything is downright. Thinks that Iran things still happen that no one would expect. And that was probably what made our of the hardest. You know. I know other risk of anesthesia. And you know I know in the process that intervening. I know that and it just. Even when everyone is doing exactly what they should. Sometimes I'm expected things sic her sometimes there's things he didn't know about in the background of the patient and so. You know completely trust the team but. It's hard to deal but it's hard to it's hard to Sundar beyond those stories for you can't go yourself. And but the so we had to deal you know it was that there was any question about what Theo it's just. So pray for the kiss cares for kids radio son we're trying to raise money in the east twelve hours of broadcasting. Two eight and I slept that goes into either mercy Slater an ambulance should a mother has multiple births where. They would be more than one or one is already in use spray now we have one. And so we thought we really should have to because you know how important it is to get that child quickly. To the hospital which say that's a good thing is undermining him. Oh definitely yeah. We're gonna try thanks for sharing your story yet no problem and happy Mother's Day thank you don't feel it's the kiss cares for kids radio Thon on kiss ninety point five.