4 Day School Week Debate

Wednesday, August 15th


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How would you feel if our area went to a four day school week Chileans on the phone what do you enjoy and. Why aren't fortunate I I'm working my file and the population. Actually really need disturbance took a short flight eight weeks to make sure. A. Does this help keep the kids out of trouble is that we're trying to save. Well there are probably don't get a life are. They can get up and go to school and he's. You know and little. Else thought you know it has two big big sort of breakfast and lunch as well which as you know which is great. And is is the reality in some parts of Niagara Falls that if the kid work ethic child didn't go to school they wouldn't get the breakfast and lunches at the reality. A quick. Very wealthy. And that. You know it's OK to say if that's something we need to know about in Western New York. I didn't really can't and I and I appreciate you can't and so are you for the Ford they were school weaker U for the for the five day. Our bodies and we appreciate you call that's on my pay got how do you feel about a school district they wanted to go to four days a week. All right where we're at the art that's what are a little bit back. It but there are certain that they say. Why it would look like a lot of air you know a lot of dirt late that it didn't work. It all work a lot of work it. Out there are other days. I mean out here you Archie I NEC yeah. So it is in the IP and I ain't giving them extra they are certain norms and that Monday I'll. And helped them forget it you know what I'm saying we're at I A is not in their head of what they're learning at least. Light and not in their head because sometimes feels that way to get your you're right that was the issue product by parents in Colorado I hadn't thought about it bus driver issues that just puts more restraint and. And people think bus driver like it in they make money like there's thought they don't read it we can't collect unemployment. Or in the big drop would it do any so. I aid this school year were idle or their wedding the deadly day. What are the if we're lucky to get a day opera or. You lock air out. It. I'm talking about RD buffalo needs back then right. Yeah but now what that you get a cat and it's no wonder a little old you're old school. Yeah and we object you know we hope that as school districts make dad. Proper decision but we have had some storms and of stranded kids I think rob a little bit. You know nervous about that comes up but I appreciate you calling an and I do see the side of the bus drivers here's to a series going here for you Don Abby. Hi I'm not. Without honor met in college. And I have to cram all backed by the theory is acting you add I didn't have to do that I did what and because. Like you that you look at everything that gas they are you. Especially in light being elementary what might gadget you certainly talked about the support. And you also agree he worked and here are a lot cotton. Or that Eric and without that day they got out I out here at all. Yeah which wouldn't be good that's not and that's one of the things and and school I think if the teacher was listening to my here and say hey we're not child care were supposed to be teaching the kids. But I still think trying to teach five days of material in four days is difficult to do. It's not possibly insert how it didn't hit pretty hard. Yeah why three days for you in college. I'd just I have to Wear and I here and I didn't have to work yeah your right what. Yeah on the street it is hard and they're a lot of I didn't you actually now. It at the end up being one years old and that is being thirteen trying to learn all of that. Absolutely happy and no it seems like a struggle right now but that education you're getting is worth a pitcher. It thanks Diane you're in kiss 98 point five so column I don't they're going to a Ford days a week school year what do you think. I I think it's not a good idea because they think by the end of the day of the kids are burnt out. And that if they wanna pick a Canadian extracurricular activities that people congregate league I'd be taking get away from the children. When my IE and children we're very young I try to work and work day work week or ten hour days they have that extra day and it just didn't work Gillick I was called the lady didn't it didn't it about it at. You know I'm glad you bring up about the extracurricular because those are. Just isn't reaching for a student as school in my opinion. And you know they'll be so tired adding that extra time on the school day to bend from their only to sports or. Club activities or anything like that that is long haul the other school activities yeah. And then you'd be taken away from family crime during the week. Bright and that's usually Porsche holds on are we allowed to have Finley took her behind it you know landed I. It seems to be impossible to find these days. Likely think that thanks Jennifer on deciding point I think Colin. Who's so what do you think about a school district going down to a four day week school week. Except when you get regular package that works for I think everybody's there are at apple in the hole. Like I'm a social networking gear up for I work with average use all of I am actually I illegal firework let my Spanish population. The kid at work wish I can't let it be eating you know are there than normal hours. What you had kept the behavioral issues than being like that are few match. Ultimately wound he's actually really really that they're used. They're Heatley to get home to boulder. Routine is scheduled Cadillac as the mom. But it actually cater doll like hagel from I think it. That would just tell him. I think you're relieved that the patent. That type and hit an area you're working it I'll. And as there was a woman at the port selection like it or eating during that time it. The true but at least socialite during the school day can be a halt or whatever reason I'll. Skip unfortunately. I got back on that. Probably what a different language that's the only owner of the English certainly need to know parlor. Well they're so many reasons I. Making sport isn't that bad a deal I also deal worked probably like Egypt and Arden. Area here working I don't try to give up well I don't think you were. Jennifer let me get this right your social worker in the city of buffalo. And you're also juggling a special needs child home. How do you find the strength to do it now. IE I cry a lot tree a lot and I or my family my family is at it like night I am means lacked that. More and firm eat and it's gonna LTD Angela but it truly give me joy to be able to college I. He's been here a while sober and I'd pass that along in my hair that would that they can. Won't sometimes evil (%expletive) And when you're working in that each and especially Google in calm you know language barriers they want their whole. Well. Oh deadly and equally it it social nation are deeply at the age out of that clarity and you're combining Ali why do you. Resilient. And that we're now in grill eat drink and art system and the outflow. Education while they are all part of the equation on teacher in the providers war our. They're believing that warm and I feel like it worked out and and the support yeah weren't they eight at work rate now at eight. I eat and blown away by how intelligent well spoken new line. And I I believe I think in my notes that says that social worker appreciation day. And so it would be okay if we gave you tickets to Jay-Z and beyoncé Saturday night. You're only areas are poor. Every parent whose life you've touched when you believed in their children. That goes so far I hope you know that and and just to be able to do a little subsite from this radio station you'd say thank you please come to the concert. Overall I think you all very much. And right early and. You deserve it you really do and it's people like you that make this into some great. We got a guy on March wasn't easy beyoncé. Guess not do you plan.