As the Kiss-terns

Panic! At The Disco: Death of a Bachelor

Millions of die-hard fans have been anticipating this album for months, especially since the band will never be the same after it was reconstructed. Although Brendon Urie is the only remaining “classic” member, I don’t hear much of a difference when it comes to the sound of “Death of a Bachelor.”...
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Nothing But Thieves: Self Titled

Nothing but Thieves is an up and coming band, but it won’t take them long to progress from that title. Their first single “Trip Switch” is climbing the charts and is incredibly catchy. It starts off slow with A LOT of bass to get you in the groove, but it quickly escalates to the chorus that is a...
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Charlie Puth: Nine Track MInd

There is no doubt that Charlie Puth became a fan favorite once he released a track with Meghan Trainor, and ever since their on camera smooch he has been all over the media. The best part about Puth is that he is a young artist who knows a lot about the industry but isn’t afraid to voice his...
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