Meet the Kiss-terns: Alyssa Glenn

September 9, 2019

Hello Everyone! I'm Lyss, which is short for Alyssa, and I am one of Entercom's new promotions interns for this Fall. I couldnt be more excited!  Music is one of my biggest passions- I taught myself how to play bass guitar, and I am constantly looking into new music. Some of my favorite artists are Khalid, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Scotty Sire. i've found music to be one of the best forms of an escape for me. I was born and raised in Buffalo, and I am currently in my third (and last) year at UB. I am a student in their School of Management, concentrating in Marketing. I am sad to be finishing up there, but I am definitely ready to graduate and start my career. My goal after school is to go into a career related to the business side of music, and/or event planning. I have grown to love the behind the scenes. I think its so cool to see the process, and how a vision unfolds into a reality.

When I started at UB, I was in business/HR because I didn't really know what I wanted to do. I've always considered myself to be creative- whether its been through music, drawing or other forms. I enjoy expressing myself and the endless possibilities there are when you let your imagination flow. In a past internship, I was able to figure out a way I could use my creativy to excel, and switched from a Human Resources concentration to Marketing.In that internship, I learned how much I loved event planning/coordination. 

I am super excited for this internship, because I am able to take some of by biggest passions and combine them into one. I am ready to learn and grow from this internship! I grew up listening to Kiss, entering their contests, and going to the their events. I remember hearing about the internship oppportunities here as a high schooler, and I made it a goal of mine back then to be one if I stayed home for college. I am super excited to be on the other side, being able to help out and give others the great experience I had growing up as a listener.