An Update in the Life of a Kisstern

March 6, 2018

I am almost two months into my interning experience and I have already had so many great experiences! From office activites, to meetings, to driving around in the station cars and events, I've already learned so much about promotions! One of my tasks as an intern is to select contest winners, give them a call, and enter them into the system. Listeners are always excited to win a contest and hear from the station. It is rewarding to reach out to someone and get such a positive energy back! When the Entercom stations provide fun and exciting contests, it allows listeners to feel engaged. I've also learned about so many different Entercom events that cater to different markets. Each station here brainstorms different ideas for events that make Buffalo an exciting place to be.

This past Sunday was the Kiss 98.5 Cupcake Challenge. Fourteen of Buffalo's most delicious bakeries competed in finding the best cupcake at the Buffalo Niagara Marriott. It was a long day filled with lots of listeners, staff, and cupcakes of course! I definitely got to try and take home some cupcakes, my favorite being the "Cookies and Milk" by Tops. Since hundreds of people attended each session of the event, I realized how important it is to have a full and efficient staff. I joined the Promotions staff and we were each assigned to a different role as we brought everyone inside. What could have been a stressful event ran very smooth. A few people actually mentioned how organized the event was! Events like this require lots of structure, patience, preparation, and hard work. Luckily, this is what the Promotions team brought to the table. The event was a huge success and the Kiss listeners had an amazing time.

I am lucky to be able to work as an intern for a company that I enjoy. The knowledge I gain here day to day gives me real life experiences that I cannot obtain from a class. Having any internship is going to give a student valuable work experience. However, having an internship with Kiss has confirmed that the Entertainment Industry is the right path for me. I am excited to see what the rest of the semester holds for me here at Kiss!