One Month Down as a Kisstern: Rebecca Brandel

July 10, 2018

Hi All! Becca here, checking back in and reflecting on the past month or so that I have had with Entercom this summer.

Working for Entercom has been everything that I had hoped it would be, and then some! Over the course of just this past month, I have been lucky enough to work Kefuffle for Alternative Buffalo 107.7/104.7, Kiss the Summer Hello for Kiss 98.5, Starry Night in the Garden for Star 102.5, and the WGR Golf Tournament! Every single concert and event has been so unique and fun, and I've absolutely fallen in love with the Promotions Staff here! I can honestly say they are some of the coolest, most down to earth people I have ever had the pleasure of working with, and they have really welcomed me into their team and always make sure I'm in the loop and know what I'm doing! Interning for Entercom is no regular office job. In the weeks and days leading up to the show, I work with the promotions team to make sure we have everything we need to make the event successful, running all around Buffalo to pick things up and drop things off in the station cars, and then packing all of the cars the day before an event with everything we need to have it run smoothly. I think I may have successfully driven around all of WNY by the end of the summer! 

For each show I've been lucky enough to work a different position, so I've been exposed to a lot of the roles that people fill during the shows. We came out with a bag for Alternative Buffalo's Kerffule, the first show of the summer. For Kerfuffle, I was an Assistant Artist Runner, so basically whenever an Artist Runner needed something for their Artist, or something traveling with their Artist that they couldn't take of, I would be there to help them out. I spent the majority of my day driving all different types of cars (this internship has really tested my driving skills!) all around the city, purchasing anything and everything that the bands and their teams needed. (This may or may not have involved an hour in a Rite-Aid looking for unscented, hypo-allergenic soap). I also assisted the Artist Runners in picking up bands from the airport, taking them to their hotels, transporting their luggage and equipment, and more!

At Kiss 98.5's Kiss the Summer Hello, I worked the VIP Tent and the Meet & Greets for the show. For the first half of the day, we made sure that everyone knew where to enter the show, was in the proper lines, and was all checked in for their VIP experience. Throughout the show, Meet & Greets with every artist were running backstage. I assisted in making sure every VIP was in the correct line at the right time, and escorted them to the VIP Tent where they met their favorite artists! A lot of fans at this show left their Meet & Greets crying tears of happiness, which was so much fun to see and be a part of! At the end of every Meet & Greet, the promotions staff will typically jump in a team photo with the artist, so I was really interacting with and getting to meet all of the artists! 

At Starry Night in the Garden, I worked the information tent for Vendors as this event is very vendor-heavy, and made sure every vendor had everything they needed, and had all of the information they needed for the evening. Finally, the most recent event I worked was the WGR Golf Tournament. (I actually just finished unloading the van from it!) After set up, we drove gold carts around the course and sold 50/50 tickets to golfers, and made sure the vendor tents set up at specific holes were running smoothly. 

I love fast paced work, and the ability to be on my feet, so the high pressure show days are so much fun! (And laying out my Staff Shirt and All Access Badge, and Fanny Pack the Night before!) 

While working the events is a huge part of this internship, in the office I also work on calling winners about their prizes, contacting vendors about station events, contacting winners about prizes off of our social media accounts, packing bins for station remotes, and stocking the prize closet! Although there may be only one show left in the summer, I can't wait to see what else is in store for me with Entercom for the rest of the summer, this is an opportunity I will never forget, and one that has certainty contributed to this being an absolutely fantastic summer.