My Life as The Only Intern

Meet The Kiss-Terns

December 10, 2018

Hi everyone! My time as a promotions intern is almost over and I'm sad to be done :( The past few weeks have been pretty crazy because of Kerfuffle and Kissmas Bash but they were a good kind of crazy. I had so much fun working these shows, meeting new people, and doing things I have never done before. They helped me learn how to manage my stress a little better because I am a high-strung person and I also have another job and am in school, but going to these events, seeing them come together, and hearing live music was a natural stress reliever for me.

Throughout my internship, I developed a lot of skills that will help me with finding a job when I get my Communcations degree in May. I had to get out of my comfort zone by calling winners of contests, which is sad, but nowadays we are so used to texting to communicate with one another, and now I feel comfortable with having to talk to random people on the phone. Being able to see behind the scenes of shows and all the hard work that goes into planning them was so awesome for me. When you go to a concert, you usually don't think of all of the little details that go into planning the event. Even things like printing and lamenating passes, picking up rental cars, and setting up decorations and banners are so important though they may seem like they aren't. Before my internship, I had no idea that the Promotions Department could be responsible for providing the groceries needed in artists' dressing rooms. Everyone has to come together and put in their best effort in order to make things run smoothly. I have also learned how to plan tweets for shows and events, and I know I'll take that skill with me when I get a job in my field. 

The last event I will be working is a Bills game this coming Sunday, December 16th. I have only been to Bills games as a fan, and it will be awesome to be able to help other fans have a fun time and see how working a remote is different from working at a show. Though I am sad that my internship is just about over, I have met so many wonderful, friendly people in my time here and feel great about the experience I gained in this time.