My Last Month As a Kiss Intern: Rebecca Brandel

August 2, 2018

Hey Everyone!

Becca here for the last time on the blog as a Kisstern! It's so bitter sweet looking back on the time I've spent with Entercom as a Promotions Intern this summer. I truly had an incredible time working all of the events that have happened this summer, calling winners of contests, driving all over Buffalo to pick things up for different stations, (and all of the Chiptole runs). In my last blog post, I re-capped all of the fun & work that went into all of the events I had worked thus far, and in my last blog post I'll share with you some behind the scenes of the Brews & Wines on the Water event that was held this past Saturday, and give my goodbye to the amazing time I've had here this summer! 

The Brews & Wines on the Water Event was the final show/event for this summer! It took place on the water of course, at Gratwick Park in North Tondawana. This show is put on by every Entercom station, although bands performing were Alternative Bands, and attendes were able to sample beer and wine from local business throughout the day. The morning of, the Part-Time staff was scheduled to come in at 8AM, and the interns were scheduled for 1 PM. Having only briefly skimmed the e-mail in exictment, I showed up at 8 AM, which was an early start to the day!

We began the day by setting up all of the tables for the vendors (there were a lot of them!) And constructing the dressing rooms for the artists, as well as the Meet & Greet area. We made sure each artist had everything they had requested was in their dressing room, and that the step and repeat (that backdrop with the Alternative Buffalo logo on it that you take Meet & Greet pictures in front of) was set up and ready to go! 

Every show I've done a different job, and this show my job was social media assistant! I logged into the stations social media accounts on my phone, and posted Instagram stories, posts, and tweets about the event! I also made I made a few trips to Wegmans to pick up last minute items for vendors, as well as the catering for the staff & the stage crew. 

Half way through the show, we were struck with a little downpour of rain-a little too similar to the rain that hit us durning Starry Night in the Garden! Thankfully, the rain cleared up and the show was able to run as usual! Madison Ward & The Mamma Bear were onstage durning a portion of the rain storm, and they truly didn't miss a beat.

At the end of the show, we packed back up every table, chair and tent that we had set up about 12 hours ago, cleaned the venue, and then were able to sit back and enjoy the rest of Lord Hurons set! 

This relaxed show with some talented performers was the perfect way to end my time working shows as an intern! I can't believe how fast this summer has flown by, it truly feels like yesterday I was sitting on this same computer on my first day typing out a little something about me for my first blog post!

For my last post, the picture I chose is not from Brews & Wines on the Water as I totally forgot to take any pictures for myself that day, but from the Golf Tourment I talked about in my previous blog! It's one of my favorite memories from my summer, cruising around a golf cart with some great friends I met through this internship selling 50/50 tickets!

This coming semester I am studying abroad in London, England, so I'll be quite far away from Entercom and all of the fantastic people I have met, but I hope to find my way back to them soon!