A Month in the Life of a Kiss-tern

June 29, 2018

Wow, I've been working at Entercom for only a month now and I can say with no thought at all, that this has been one of the best months of my life. I can't even begin to explain how incredible this past month has been, between working Kerfuffle, Kiss the Summer Hello, and Starry Night in the Garden, and just day-to-day office life. It is definitely the most demanding job I've ever had, but every minute of work is worth it. 

Prepping for all three of these shows was an... interesting... experience. I could see the stress around the office and I was being thrown into it all. Mostly, I was doing little things like putting passes on lanyards or stuffing V.I.P. envelopes, but they were all things that, just going to these concerts, you don't ever think of. I was learning how all the very small things still need to get done to make sure the shows go smooth, and they were all things that wouldn't have even crossed my mind.

I have gone to Kerfuffle every year for a few years now, but this year I got such a different experience because I got to work it for the first time. At the beginning of the show I was working the V.I.P. tent and after all of those ticket holders were inside I moved to the F.Y.E. tent, where fans could buy albums to meet the bands. This was such a cool job because I got to meet all of the bands and see how they interacted with their fans, which you normally don't get to see first-hand. At Kiss the Summer Hello, I was an Assistant Band Runner, so basically if any of the band runners needed something, I was the person they went to. This was such a fun job because I really got to interact with the bands. I was driving bands to their hotels, picking people up from the airport, and having fun doing it. Most of the bands were just as genuine off stage as they were on stage and that was incredible to see. At Starry Night, I was a vendor assistant, so I was checking on all of the vendors with two other girls and making sure they had everything they needed. We got to drive a golf cart around so that was fun. 

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I wake up excited to come to work because, honestly, this is where I'm supposed to be. YES, I am aware of how cheesy that sounds, but growing up, going to concerts was always kinda "my thing" and now I'm working them and learning how they work and how they run. 

I am loving every second of this internship and I hope it never ends.