Photo Credit - USATSI

Meghan Trainor- Not Just Your Average Girl

July 5, 2016

    A daily dose of Twitter includes anything from polls to opinions on celebrities and everything in between. Recently, I have see many negative posts about Megahn Trainor. I think it is funny to watch people post things about performers when they do not even know the first thing about their life. Trainor surprised the music industry with her hit, "All About That Bass." After this, her career skyrocketed from songwriter to center stage performer.

    She started out writing songs for artists such as Hunter Hayes, Sabrina Carpenter, and Rascal Flatts. Now, she is writing songs for herself. Whether you like her music or not, I can almost guarantee that you have had one of her songs stuck in your head. Trainor writes material that sticks with you and not just for 3 minutes, but long after you hear it on the radio.

    Going into Kiss The Summer Hello 2016, I was very interested in watching her as a performer...getting up onstage and being able to work the crowd. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Trainor had complete control of canalside; from the moment her first song started until the very last note in her set she was able to keep the crowd entertained. She is the kind of young woman who makes sure that every fan has the same great experience at her shows.

    I had the opportunity to be in the photo pit and film the fans. We (myself and one of our other interns, Jenna) were able to ask crowd members about their concert experience, what they like most about our station, and which DJ they love listening to each day. This means that we had an up close and personal view of Trainor and her crew. She sang All About That Bass, NO, Champagne Problems, Me Too, and Like I'm Gonna Lose You...just to name a few!

    What I loved the most about her set was how she constantly was talking to the crowd. One girl held up a sign that asked Trainor to take a selfie with her. She ended up seeing the sign and took a selfie with the young girl after the show. Her back-up dancers were also a great addition to the performance. They had an increidble energy about them and Trainor ended up dancing these ladies a few times throughout her set.

    Meghan Trainor has plenty of talent and it did not go to waste at canalside on June 19th. Her vocal belt was just as strong as it is on the radio and as a theatre major, I really enjoy getting the chance to see singers perform live. If you did not get a chance to see her at KTSH, make sure to go see her Thank You tour. She knows how to say NO to her haters.