Meet The Kiss-terns: Jack Kennedy

June 11, 2018

Hi everyone!  I'm super unlucky, as I just finished a completed biography about me, which deleted when I tried to upload a photo.  I'll keep this one a bit shorter.

My name is Jack Kennedy (no relation to the former president sadly), and I will be working as an intern at Entercom this summer, specifically at AltBuffalo.  I am entering my senior year at Davidson College, just outside of Charlotte, NC, where I am an English major and philosophy minor.  As you can imagine, I am tired of everyone asking me what I plan on doing with this after I graduate.  I am involved in various activities across campus, but my main focus is definitely on my studies. I love to write and challenge myself, which is why I chose to be an English major/philosophy minor.  Moreso than writing, however, I love music.  My problem is that I have next to no musical talent, so this internship provides me with an opportunity to get close to the music industry without having to subject others to my tone-deaf "singing".  I have a wide-ranging taste in music.  Some of my favorites include Glass Animals, Danny Brown, Frank Ocean, Tame Impala and Brockhampton.  I have been to countless festivals and concerts, so working at a radio station is essentially a perfect fit.  I look forward to going to many more as time passes.  Other than music, I have interest in film, fashion, animals, photography, dark humor aka awful Twitter memes, Buffalo sports, and travelling.

While I mention travelling, I like to note that I spent summer/fall 2017 studying abroad in New Zealand.  It was the experience of a lifetime that I could write about all day.  I got to do so many things I never would have dreamed of, including bungee-jumping, hiking, visiting Lord of the Rings sets, sightseeing unimaginable backdrops, and immersing myself in the local culture.  I also got to travel to Australia while down under, where I was able to scuba-dive at the Great Barrier Reef, pet kangaroos and koalas, swim in a volcano, and sightsee up and down the East Coast.  These two countries will always hold a special place in my heart, and if I'm lucky enough I hope to move down under one day.  Travelling and escaping from ones comfort zone is perhaps one of the most worthwhile, enjoyable and transformative experiences that a person can have.  I know how much it changed me, and I can't wait to travel more in the future.  Once I save up enough money, I plan on buying a flight to New Zealand right away.

In addition to working as an intern at Entercom, I am also interning as a writer/editor at an online Men's Fashion/News publication based out of NYC.  I also plan on getting a paying job on the side so I can fund my expensive lifestyle and do the things that I want.  If you couldn't already tell, I am all about the arts/culture.  With this, I hope to do something in the music/film/fashion industry after I graduate.  This internship is a definite step in the right direction and I look forward to see where it takes me.   I am already in love with working here after my first day and excited to see what happenings arise from it.  I know working at Kerfuffle and Kiss the Summer Hello will be great places to start in my first few weeks, so I am thankful for such a great opportunity.  Entercom seems to be a perfect place to me to learn and grow this summer!  As a Kiwi or Aussie would say, cheers mate!