Meet The Kiss-terns: Hannah!

July 23, 2019

My name is Hannah Danielski and I currently am a Kisstern and am halfway done with my time here at Entercom! My time here has flown by this summer especially since I’ve been able to work hands on doing my dream job which is planning and running concerts (and of course working 12 hour days at them)! While I’ve been here, I have been able to intern with both the promotions department and Alternative Buffalo. It was such a great experience getting to see how both work individually and together and how a professional environment with both really is. My philosophy has always been that I want to give people the same experiences I have had and that with my passion for music couldn’t make Entercom a better place for me to intern.

With my time at Alt Buffalo, one of my main tasks was creating tweets to promote concerts such as Kerfuffle. It was really cool being able to come up with my own content even if it got a little cheesy at times. Being able to do this connected with a lot of my classes I have taken for my Journalism degree at Brockport so working more with this was able to help strengthen my skills. It was also a great feeling seeing listeners and even the artists interact with the tweets I made! I also was able to see how a radio station really functions which was something new to me. I was able to shadow an on-air shift and even see how music is scheduled!

With the promotions department, I’ve been able to experience how large events such as concerts to promote the stations are planned and run. This was probably the most amazing thing for me since this is what I hope to do with my career. I got to work many concerts this summer such as Kiss the Summer Hello and Kerfuffle and this week I will be working my last concert of the summer which is Brews on the Water! At these events, I had various tasks such as helping vendors set up, checking people in for their VIP tickets, and even helping out with the artist meet and greets. It was so cool being able to see what it really takes to put these things together and what goes on behind the scenes. Besides working the concerts, I also was able to help out around the office. I would do tasks such as running errands for events that were coming up or call contest winners. I also learned how to laminate and got really good at it after laminating about 100 backstage passes and signs for concerts multiple times (I guess you can say I’m a pro now).

My time here at Entercom has really been better than I could have ever expected. I’ve been able to develop myself both professionally and personally and even better, I have been able to solidify what I want to do as a career which can be difficult for a lot of people. Interning here has been a positive step towards reaching my goal and I am so thankful for the opportunities I have had here. This internship has gotten me really excited for the future and I can’t wait to see what’s next!