Meet The Kiss-terns: Cheyenne Bruyere

May 21, 2018

Hey everyone! My name is Cheyenne Bruyere and I am spending the Summer of 2018 as a promotions intern at Entercom! Today is my first day and I can already tell this experience will be one I'll never forget. I am going into my senior year at SUNY Fredonia where I am studying Public Relations and Music Industry.

At Fredonia I am heavily involved in the campus radio station where I have worked as the Chief Engineer and will be the Station Manager this coming year! I love all things radio and can't wait to learn more about a station that I grew up listening to. It's a dream come true! I am a big music fan and even do some singing myself. Some of my favorite artists are Lorde, Johnny Cash, John Mayer, A Will Away, Fernway, The Killers, Tash Sultana, Kehlani, Rihanna and hundreds more. In Fredonia I run a live on air music show so I'm excited to participate in similar events and shows of a larger scale over the next few weeks. I grew up going to Kerfuffle and Kiss the Summer Hello so being able to be a part of these shows will be an experience like no other. Not to mention that everyone here is so friendly and welcoming, Entercom already feels like home!

When I'm not busy with radio or working my supervisor job at Billy Beez you can find me singing on a beach with my friends, watching crime documentaries/New Girl, or in the pit at a local show. Oh yeah and no matter where you find me, I promise you I will be eating something.

Some Fun (I hope) Facts about me are: 

  • I sang a duet with Idina Menzel at one of her concerts once
  • I sang the national anthem for a Bills game 
  • I constantly crave the flavor of the Blue's Clues toothpaste from my childhood
  • I've never watched a second of Star Wars
  • I've been to France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, and Switzerland
  •  I cry every time I think about Bing Bong from Inside Out
  • I love dogs