Dan MacMedan & Anthony Behar, USA Today

Love Actually Cast Will Reunite for Mini Sequel

It will only be about 10 minutes, but 2017 just got a whole lot better!

February 15, 2017

Love Actually fans have been waiting for this moment since 2003, and it is finally happening. Given the current political climate, we all can agree that this sequel is coming at the perfect time. 

Richard Curtis, the original “Love Actually” director, announced on Twitter that a ten-minute sequel to the popular film is in the works, and it will be released on May 24. The sequel is being called “Red Nose Day Actually” because the project is tied to the charity event, Red Nose Day.

Red Nose Day, which takes place in May, raises funds to help support kids in needy communities across the globe. Each year NBC has aired a television special to mark the occasion.

Curtis’ film partner Emma Freund tweeted on Wednesday that the script is actually still being written, and she invited fans to share their ideas on Twitter.

If you have any ideas, however, you better share them quickly on Twitter because filming is scheduled to begin on Thursday (February 16).

Freund has been responding to ideas that fans have been sharing on Twitter throughout the day on Wednesday. Share this on Twitter and Facebook to let us know what stories you would like to see included in the special. In the meantime, we'll just be over here counting down the days until May 24. We're just happy it is officially less than 100 days away.