KTSH, Kerfuffle & Starry Night: My Experiences

By: Sam Deegan

July 14, 2017

Hi friends, it's Sam and I am here to talk about my experience working Kerfuffle, Kiss The Summer Hello, and Starry Night in the Garden. All three of the shows were a different, but awesome experience and I am so glad that I got to be apart of the promotions team! 
The shows started with Kerfuffle, and I worked as a vendor assistant for the different sponsors and vendors that we had at Kerfuffle, as well as FYE tent and watched lots of people get to meet some of their favorite bands! As vendor coordinator, I basically made sure that the vendors were happy and had everything they needed throughout the day, and for FYE tent, I made sure that the bands were satisfied and relayed their instructions to the people at the tent. I also got to be in the press pit for part of the concert and was able to take & post pictures for the Alt social media, and hang out with Franz Ferdinand quite a bit and talk with their manager. (who was probably the coolest person I've ever talked with) The day overall ran super smoothly- we had the weather in our favor, set up and tear down was quick and efficient, and the bands were all amazing!  
Kiss the Summer ran a little bit different. I worked in the meet and greet tent, as well as with VIP check-in. With VIP check-in, we had to make sure that everyone got their proper wrist band and had the right papers to be able to meet the artist, as well as be in premium view section. This started off easy, but around 2:30 it started to pour on everyone and everyone in line for premium view & VIP had to stand in it for about 15 minutes and we had to put wrist bands on everyone in the pouring rain! It then started to lighten up, but only for a little bit because we then got hit with a huge storm, and had to delay the show and evacuate Canalside. Even with all this craziness, some of the amazing promotions staff was able to re-work the entire show, and still made Kiss the Summer Hello and all the meet and greets happen! Once the show started back up, we only had some sprinkling, and the storms held off for the rest of the night, making everything run smoothly. Some of my favorite memories were seeing Liam Payne perform (and shedding a few tears), getting to talk to some of you guys in the meet & greet line, and Bebe Rexha's performance and overall awesome-ness! Despite the weather, KTSH was still an amazing experience, and I am so glad I got to be apart of it! 
The last show that I helped with was Starry Night in the Garden, and I worked as vendor assistant and ice runner, and this day was crazy. Basically, I just made sure that all the vendors were satisfied, but this time there were double the amount of vendors from Kerfuffle, and they had food and drinks, making it a little bit crazier. This day was fun because we got to drive around in golf carts for a lot of the day, and be in the Botanical Gardens which is absolutely beautiful. I also got to help set up and then take down more tables and chairs then I ever have and probably ever will in my life, and carry around more ice bags then I thought was humanly possible. My favorite memories from the day were getting to talk to James TW about buffalo chicken pizza, and driving with the other ruthless Kiss-tern, Megan in the golf cart. 
All of the crowds at each show were so different, making each concert like no other. I am so glad that I was able to be apart of all of these shows and experience the other side of concerts. I got to see all the hard work and preparations that I put in beforehand put into play, and worked with amazing people. The internship so far has been like no other, and I am so grateful for the opportunities it has given me!