Kiss-tern Update: Emma Smith

October 21, 2019

Hello Kiss listeners, Emma is back and ready to give an update!

I've been working for Entercom for about six weeks now and have loved every moment of it! When I'm not calling contest winners, I'm setting up bins for the Buffalo Bills tailgates or running errands around Buffalo. I have also worked two events which included Alternative Buffalo, Birthday Bash and The Pink Party by Star 102.5. I have learned how to use Tweetdeck and Promosuite in my time here so far, giving me new skills to use after graduation. Entercom has been a blast so far and I'm very appreciative that I get to work with such amazing people. My favorite thing to do in the office is create tweets for contests happening on different stations.It has helped my creative writing skills and has been a lot of fun to write them!  Looking into the future I'm excited for the Kerfuffle show in December and to help out at one of the Bills tailgates. 

This internship so far has really shown me how much I would like to do events post grad. My love for it has increased with each event, making me excited for the future. Working with people who have the same passion for events has really made me motivated to pursue a job in events or promotions next year. Entercom has given me the confidence to pursue a career in events and I can't wait to use all the skills that the wonderful women of Promotions have taught me.

Don't worry- I'll be back in December to give you a full kiss-tern blog review.