Kiss-tern Update: Alyssa Glenn

October 21, 2019

   Hi all- Alyssa here! I am about a month and a half into my internship at this point- and its crazy to think that its almost over. I've learned so much already, and got to do it alongside great people. A typical day at Entercom for me may involve picking/calling winners, helping get materials ready for events, scheduling posts on social media, and occasionally running a few errands. 

   So far, I've gotten to work two events- the Alt Buffalo Birthday Show, and the Pink Party. As someone who loves working behind the scenes, I have found a love for working events. I love to see how it all comes together. Its even cooler to get to do this in a music related job. Working alongside the promotions team, I have learned how to be more decisive and efficient. When working events, decisions have to be made in real time in order to keep things moving smoothly. Just by seeing the quick and smart problem-solving that goes on here, I feel so much more equipped to go out and do it myself. 

   I've also learned what qualities I need to keep building upon to be successful in a job in the Promotions field. Its so important to stay organized, be calm, and be able to work under pressure. You also have to be personable, confident, and always on your toes. This internship has confirmed in me the passion I have for going into the business side of the entertainment/music industry. Its been such a great opportunity to work under people with the same passions as me, and get to learn from them as much as I can. I love working alongside so many people who are passionate about music and their job. I try to always be intentional with my learning and observing- I have a leg up on some of my peers by already getting experience in this field while I'm still in school. I'm so grateful for thius internship and the doors it may open up!