Kiss-tern Final Update: Emma Smith

December 9, 2019

Happy Holidays Kiss fans! It is your Kiss Intern, Emma Smith! Sadly this is my last day at Entercom. But my time here has been amazing! I have attended multiple events and have my last concert this Friday for Kerfuffle! My expectations were succeeded by working with an excellent department. Sam, Rosie, Jenna, and of course, Alyssa has made my time at Entercom fabulous! Thank you for this fantastic opportunity this semester, and I cannot wait to use the skills I have learned! These last four months have gone by way too quickly, but I am so glad I got to spend it with the Entercom family. This internship will be recommended to anyone who has a passion for music, promotions, and working with awesome co-workers! This internship has increased my love for events, especially working with music. Working for a radio station with different genres of music has not only expanded my liking of different styles of music but has opened my eyes to a whole new world of music. And a bonus it has made me appreciate Buffalo more by seeing how much is actually happening in this awesome city! Considering I could go on about this company for days, I will leave you with this.

If you like any of these things working for Entercom Buffalo is the move for you:

Have a passion for helping and attending events that include mac and cheese competitions, breast cancer fundraisers and of course concerts for the best stations in Buffalo 


BILLS MAFIA ( Buffalo gear is acceptable to wear to work)


Listening to Christmas music for two whole months starting November 1st


Sitting in on talk shows and doing trivia on Billy Joel