Kiss-tern Final Update: Alyssa Glenn

December 9, 2019

   Hi all! It's been a bit since the last blog post. Time has moved so quickly, and I'm sad to say its my last week here at Entercom! I have enjoyed my time here so much through this internship and will truly look back on this time fondly. I will carry what I learned along with me into whatever career I end up in, along with all the good laughs and fun memories I have. I am so thankful for the promotions team here at Entercom- they have all been so welcoming and kind. 

   This internship has been a great experience that I would reccomend to anyone. I grew as a person, learned how to communicate better/more assertively, and learned a lot about the behind the scenes of events and radio. I also learned practical skills- I grew in my administrative skills, and I learned how to use platforms like PromoSuite or TweetDeck. Last week I got to work The Kerfuffle Before Christmas night One, and get to work night two as my final day as an intern. I love working the behind the scenes of events-  so its a great way to end the internship! Its cool to see how the small things add up to such a great production. Its defintely a field where you have to be willing to do little things, because every task is crucial show/event. This internship has confirmed my interest in live events, and definitely encouraged me to go for it and apply for jobs in a field I'm so passionate about.

   To anyone reading this and considering applying for an internship here- DO IT! I have been able to learn so much alongside some great women who know what they're doing. Take the opportunity, and then soak up every bit of knowledge and experience you can.