WATCH: People from All 50 States Explain Their Accents

June 27, 2019

Getty Images

Living in Buffalo is great!  I grew up in California and this is a totally different culture than I grew up in, but all in a good way. The food is different, the weather is DEFINITELY different, and of course I've noticed the accent :)  The funny thing is though, I've lived a WHOLE BUNCH of places.  New York is actually my 4th state.  And also with all the traveling I've done I've picked up on accents everywhere I've gone. Even in places where people always say, "we don't have an accent."

In fact, I didn't think I had one until I moved here but people comment on my accent all the time.  So since we ALL have accents, no matter where you're from, check out this video and let's get an idea of what they all sound like.