WATCH: Guy Tries to Take Out Arnold Schwarzenegger with a Kick; Arnold Not Even Kind of Phased

May 20, 2019

USA Today Images

Block or charge?

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Something to remember if Arnold Schwarzenegger ever comes to Buffalo, do NOT try to kick the guy in the back.  First off, it's just a super lame thing to do and second, you're not gonna be able to take out the Terminator......or even come close.  Someone tried to do just that at the Arnold Classic Africa event in South Africa. And well, as you can see Arnold barely even moves at all.

Doesn't seem like it affected Arnold really in any way. You can see in his reponse below that he's not gonna press charges.  So it doesn't even seem the "idiot," as Arnold called him, even hurt his feelings much. Props to Schwarzenegger for proving he can still take punch....or ya know, a kick :)

In case you’re worried about the kick video going around.

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