PIC: Dwayne Johnson Gets Nails Painted Red by 2-Year Old Daughter

October 1, 2018

Sipa Images

Can you say Awww?? Because Dwayne Johnson's 2-year old daughter Jasmine painted her dad's nails red. The Rock was so happy about it that he didn't hesitate to post it on his Instagram page. Now if the pic below isn't the cutest thing you've seen all day then wait till you read the caption.

Me: Come here baby, give daddy a kiss I gotta go to work. Jazzy: But daddy you need your nails painted. Me: Sorry baby, daddy’s gotta go to wor Jazzy: No daddy you really need your nails painted - as she looks up at me with her mama’s gorgeous blue eyes. Me: Yes, you’re absolutely right - daddy needs his nails painted. #PapaBearPriorities #NoRemoverNeeded ----

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