M&M's to Debut Chocolate Bars AND New Hazelnut Spread Flavor

September 28, 2018


M&M's are switching up their own game not only by introducing their new hazelnut spread flavor but also by revealing their new chocolate bars!! To all my huge Nutella fans, the hazelnut spread's flavor will be out in April 2019. Yeah I know, pretty far but at least we are getting these new M&M's bars this December! The bars will come in 5 different flavors: crispy, peanut, mint, milk chocolate, and almond. Will you be trying out these new bars? What about the new hazelnut spread flavor?

It’s time to reveal… Introducing M&M’S Chocolate Bars! Coming to you soon in 5 delicious flavors. -- • • • #mms #madewithm #chocolate #treat

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We’re back with more... Your new favorite chocolate candies, M&M’S Hazelnut Spread. COMING SOON. • • • #mms #madewithm #candy #new

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