Man Drives 225 Miles to Deliver Pizza to a Terminally Ill Customer

October 19, 2018

Rich and Julie Morgan, a couple that used to live in Michigan would always order a pizza from Steve's Pizza every time they got paid. However, when they moved to Indianapolis obviously ordering from Steve's wasn't an option anymore. Unfortunately the husband, Rich Morgan was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Julie's Father contacted Steve's Pizza in hopes they would send a get-well-soon card, but they had something else in mind. One of the managers who goes by the name Dalton Shaffer decided that he would drive 225 miles after closing at 10 PM to deliver the pizza to the Morgans. He didn't even get there till 2:30 AM.  That's 450 miles round trip. AND Steve's Pizza doesn't even normally deliver! INSANE!!!  Julie took the time to post this beautiful Facebook post about how the people at Steve's Pizza made their day.  Check it out below!