CAUGHT ON TAPE: Baseball Park Employee Fired & Arrested for Spitting on Food

September 24, 2018

EWWWWW! Check out this Instagram video of a Comerica Park employee in Detroit spitting in a customer's pizza before adding tomato sauce. The video has gone viral and the employee has been fired and arrested. The employee who posted the video says he was sent home early for not having his "Comerica Park shirt on" and for being in the "bathroom for too long."

I was sent home early today because I didn’t have on my Comerica Park shirt and they say I was at the bathroom for too long. So they yelled at me and told me to go home. But since they made me go home early I couldn’t wait until after the game to tell them an employee was spitting in customer pizzas!!! ------#detroittigers @worldstar #worldstar #detroit f @theshaderoom The customers don’t deserve this!! This is disgusting! And for the company to threaten me and let me go for exposing this video to the fans is also disgusting!!--

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