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Charlie Puth: Nine Track MInd

Nikki Lawrence: Kiss-tern

February 5, 2016

There is no doubt that Charlie Puth became a fan favorite once he released a track with Meghan Trainor,

and ever since their on camera smooch he has been all over the media. The best part about Puth is that

he is a young artist who knows a lot about the industry but isn’t afraid to voice his opinion and

transitions and he gets older. One of his first solo songs “One Call Away” has only been out for a few

short months and is already sky rocketing on the charts. It’s a slower hit with some jazzy feel good vibes

about being that super hero to someone you would risk your life for. His new album "Nine Track Mind"

impements his adventorous and talented soul."Dangerously" is somewhat similar,

with a little more power and emotion. It has a quick build to a great chorus with catchy lyrics and some

killer vocals. The title says it all, poor Charlie fell head over heels and was “dangerously” in love with

someone, Meghan Trainor perhaps? This one has a good pop feel with a steady beat but still has a bit of

sexiness to it as well. “Losing My Mind” is probably one of my favorites this time around, you can tell

Puth put some raw emotion into this. His vocals are low, sweet yet still powerful. The open is a little

slower, but as the chorus picks up to an R&B stance, the beat in the background mesmerizes you. This is

another song that may or may not be about Trainor? The song explains how he’s got “so much to lose”

and is Losing His Mind. A surprise that came my way was his collaboration with Selena Gomez. “We

Don’t Talk Anymore” features the pop star, who may have decided to jump in on the song after the

Biebs situation. It has sort of a Jamaican feel; a little slower with some really awesome instrumentals

throughout the background. I have to admit, the best part of this was Gomez’s vocals. She doesn’t

produce anything too phenomenal but she sounds incredibly mature and captures the listener. “My

Gospel” threw another curveball at me, having a pretty upbeat pace with catchy claps throughout it to

get you moving. Puth uses the upper range of his vocals for this and its beautiful. The song has a sneaky

feel, climbing up and down scales and pulling you in. My favorite lyric is “I’m not afraid to change your

name, ‘cuz I’m crazy about you.” Hmm, Meghan Trainor where you at? This boy is ready to put a ring on

it, get Beyonce on the phone for some side help. Charlie really taps into the feels with the next track “Up

All Night,” embracing what everyone has been through. Ever cried for hours over someone? Reading old

texts and rolling into a blanket burrito? He knows the feeling to, and he is not afraid to show some

stellar vocals over the slow ballad to prove it. “Left Right Left” is another song that will punch you right

in your emotions. Ever have to force yourself to move on and keep walking? This song says it all. Not my

favorite, a little boring, but still has a good meaning. Another one that was not a favorite was “Then

There’s You.” It’s a cliché song about finding a girl beautiful and sounds a little amateur and simple,

something you might hear in a Disney movie. “Suffer” is SUPER bad ass, plain and simple. It starts off

with a piano intro, and the crescendo and decrescendo really gives it an intense feel. The snaps and light

drum in the background will give you chills, and the vocals are spot on. Such a simple pop-jazz song but

may be my favorite overall. Once I caught onto the lyrics I was angrily singing along with him about past

cold hearted lovers making us suffer. The album has a few other tracks as well, but the above is what

truly stood out to me. I have to say, I am genuinely impressed. Charlie Puth really put his heart, soul and

opinion into this album. There is a consistent jazz feel throughout but he knows how to twist it so the

listener doesn’t lose interest. His vocals are incredible and this is just the start of his career. And let’s be

real, he is love struck over Meghan Trainor, no if’s and’s or but’s. The only thing I didn’t love about this

album was that he pulled a T-Swift: all of the songs were about love and loss, and although personal, I

didn’t learn much about him besides that. Still a great album none the less!