All-Access Pass To One Of The Hottest Shows In Buffalo:

A Kisstern’s take on Kiss The Summer Hello 2016!

June 23, 2016

In less than a week, I have had the opportunity to work two HUGE concerts here in Buffalo (Kiss The Summer Hello and Starry Night In The Garden). As an intern for Kiss 98.5 it was incredible to see how these events run, and I want to share some of my experiences and observations at Kiss The Summer Hello with you all!

                There is so much that goes into putting on these shows that you would never think of! My mind was absolutely blown when I sat in on the promotions meeting and saw the hundreds of things that had already been arranged weeks in advance! There are so many people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to pull these events off! I am starting to believe that the promotions department here aren’t actually people, just super humans who can make literally anything happen! Sam, Zaque, Erika, and dozens of other incredible people, I am so glad I got to spend multiple 12+ hour days working and hanging out with you all!

                Alright let’s start with my Kiss The Summer Hello experiences! The fun kicked off on Saturday around 5pm as I drove out to the airport to pick up some members of Meghan Trainor’s band and dancers, they were super nice! I took them to their hotel and some time to kill before I headed back to the airport at midnight for another artist pick-up! This time I was transporting the guys from MAGIC! to their hotel! I was driving a big cargo van for all their bags and equipment! Myself and the other driver parked the cars and went inside to greet the band as they arrived, we waited for luggage as the guys cracked jokes with each other, again another super nice group of people! We dropped them off at their hotel so they could rest up for the show! I headed home to rest up for the long day I had ahead of me too!

                The next morning I arrived at Canalside at 9:30 for show day! The main part of the morning consisted of setting up vendor tables as I listened to the acts do their sound checks! I ran around doing a bunch of odd jobs in preparation to the start of the show. Once the show started, the fun really began! I was in charge of helping to post pictures and videos to the social media accounts for the station. I wandered around the venue taking pictures of our listeners, vendors, and the stage! The cool thing about an All-Access pass is that I could explore the entire venue! I walked on the stage and took videos while pumping up the audience, took pictures of the bands setting up in the sides of the stage, and walked around backstage past the RV’s for the artists. I got to hop in the meet and greet line with Jonas Blue and Meghan Trainor, had a casual conversation with Troye Sivan in the catering tent, and reconnected with MAGIC! (found out they got some wings after I dropped them off the night before)! In the middle of all of this I was actually working, I promise! I had to run… and run more… and keep running. The internet connection at the venue wasn’t strong enough to handle the huge albums of photos we had to upload on Facebook. The only way to post the meet and greet pictures, artist interview videos, and candid performance photos was to sprint down the block and use the Wi-Fi from Tim Horton’s! After running back and forth a dozen times, I was given an errand to run. The hot day was causing the artists to sweat (same) and I needed to go buy more towels for backstage. I hopped in a car and raced to buy more towels and returned to deliver them. I’d later see Troye use them on stage! We did some more posting and then sadly the show was coming to an end as Meghan Trainor absolutely crushed her performance to close out the night! A group effort on the clean-up wrapped up a couple hours later and I headed home after a VERY busy but INCREDIBLE day!

Alright, if you made it all the way to the end of this I’m incredibly impressed (Thanks for sticking around). Seriously though, being a Kisstern is pretty cool…. I’m not gunna lie. I want to say thanks again to everyone on the Entercom staff who helped me out at these shows and for letting be part of all the action, it’s truly something I’ll never forget.

-Noah (@Noah_OnAir)